How Meth Is Made

by AdamS on August 12, 2012

Out of all of the drugs that are on the market, methamphetamine has by far the most toxic ingredients. The high is not the only thing that is achieved through ingesting it, but also for the psychosis, the severe decay of the teeth and gums (aka meth mouth), the brutal damage to bodily organs, and the overall devastation of the life of the user.  If you are ready to get help with a meth addiction, there are drug rehab centers in Florida that can help you; go to for more information. Before someone thinks that they can handle trying meth, it’s important to know what you are putting into your body. It is also helpful to know where and how people are cooking up this substance to further avoid it and deter use.

What’s In It?

The makeup of methamphetamine is synthetic, meaning it’s man-made. Part of the danger of using meth is that you never really know what you are going to get because it can be made differently every time. However, there are some basic ingredients that are commonly used to make meth. Typically, manufacturers will use decongestants as well as several household cleaners such as drain cleaner and lye. Other ingredients that can be found are gasoline, brake fluid, battery acid, and paint thinner. These are just a handful of toxic items that are being sent throughout the body when ingested.

How To Spot A Meth Lab

Meth labs are usually in remote areas and rural communities. This is primarily because meth gives off a very distinct smell (much like a gas leak) when it is being cooked; because making meth is illegal, it is important for manufacturers to be far away from authorities who could recognize the smell. In a meth lab or at a meth house, several people will often be coming in and out of the house at strange hours. This is generally addicts and distributers of the product. Inside of the lab there would be a lot of products and apparatus used to make meth lying around.

How To Cook It

There is no specific guide on the steps of making meth, in fact, there are several ways that meth is made. Again, the unpredictability of the product is one of the reasons that it is so dangerous. There are generally procedures of shaking, heating, blending and mixing that take place.  However, this largely depends on the type of ingredients that are being used as well as the quantity of meth that is being made.

Meth might be one of the simplest main stream drugs that someone can make. But it is also one of the most unhealthy and dangerous substances because of its’ toxic ingredients, highly addictive nature, and horrific side effects. If you or someone you know is addicted to meth then you should find help as soon as possible from a quality medical addiction treatment center that specializes in treating people with meth addictions. If you ever recognize or suspect that there is meth lab that is functioning near you, then you should notify the authorities as soon as possible. There are detox facilities like the one found at that can help with detoxification that is necessary for those that wish to quit using meth.

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