How Obamacare Victory Impacts Addicts

by AdamS on July 19, 2012

Many people in the recovery community are thrilled that the Supreme Court of The United States upheld President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. However, few seem to understand how the landmark bill actually affects their recovery. Xanax detox is a program that has and will see repercussions from this bill. The ACA is a historic bill, and represents the largest expansion of medical coverage since the Social Security Act of 1965. “This is a triumph for recovering Americans, many of whom were directly involved in advocating for the new law,” said Stanford University psychology professor and addiction expert Keith Humphreys. “Both the quantity and the quality of care for addiction are set for unprecedented, and long overdue, growth.” However, the ACA is fraught with legal maneuvering and details that could, in fact, actually make it more difficult for Americans in recovery to obtain the help they desperately need. For this reason, it is important that all people who are struggling with addictions or need to undergo drug or alcohol detox rehab programs understand exactly what the ACA means for them.

Supreme Court

The main reason why the ACA was brought to the Supreme Court in the first place was to determine if the individual mandate contained in the bill was Constitutionals. Many people predicted that it would not be recognized as Constitutional, and it was not. However, Chief Justice Robers interpretation was that the mandate was, in fact, a tax, and that it could remain in the bill in that capacity. While difficult to understand the intricacies of the opinion of the court, it is important for people to realize that the ACA will, ultimately, be a very expensive expansion of medical care that everyone will be paying for, one way or another. This has upset many states who claim they do not have the funds to pay for many of the services contained in the ACA, and has politicians lining up against each other for when the time comes to actually implement the new bill.

Benefits of ACA

In the short term, the benefit of the ACA will be immense for people who suffer from addiction. In the past, mental illnesses and intervention for substance abuse were qualified as pre-existing conditions, and insures were able to turn away people who needed care the most. Thankfully, the ACA addresses this outrage by forcing insurance companies to accept people with these afflictions. “Addiction will be better integrated into mainstream healthcare financing and service provision, which will lower stigma, attract more treatment professionals to the field and improve the quality of service.”

For most people who are now uninsured, over the next few years will be a time when they can obtain medical insurance through Medicaid. Xanax detox will be made available and more easily funded with the help of health insurance. This will be the main way which people will be able to get treatment services for psychological issues including substance abuse issues such as drug or alcohol detox rehab programs. However, many people are worried about this dramatic expansion of the Federal Government. Politicians will continue to quabble over the details of the bill, and may be successful in delaying its implementation. It is important for those in recovery to understand how the new law affects them, and what steps they can take to help their local governments make sure that they receive the benefits they are promised in the ACA.

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