How Street Chemists Stay One Step Ahead Of Authorities

by AdamS on July 28, 2012

There are many ways in which street chemists, or drug dealers who manufacture their own products, make life difficult for authorities trying to keep their dangerous substances of the streets and people out of opiate detox facilities. One of the reasons for this is because manufacturers of these illegal substances are constantly changing the ingredients with which they make the drugs. In recent months, a new kind of drug has taken the country by storm. The new drug, known as bath salts, are being sold and distributed with little to no resistance because makers have figured out a way around government regulators. These drugs are extremely dangerous and many individuals end up in prescription drug detox centers because of them.

Street Chemists

Retailers are able to sell these narcotics to anyone who wants them because they are labeled as “not safe for human consumption”. However, they are sold right next to drug paraphernalia. This has become a very serious concern for people in the recovery and enforcement community, as many people are ending up in poison control centers after having taken these bath salts. One of the main problems that regulators are dealing with in trying to curb the bath salts epidemic is determining exactly what ingredients are being used to create them. All that is known for certain is that street scientists are creating a compound that is very similar to methamphetamines.

Testing Facilities

Dr. Harry Leider, who is the Chief Medical Officer Officer of the testing company Ameritox says, “It’s like a battle. We have a couple of different methods. We actually buy the substances and develop technology to detect them as they emerge, which is a hard thing to do. Another way is our specialty lab where, with the size and scope of Ameritox, we test thousands of specimens a day from doctors.” It is important that, in the fight against illegal street drugs, companies like Ameritox continue to work hard to stay on pace with the street chemists. This work lets doctors have a better understanding of how to treat someone who overdoses on these kinds of illegal substances, because they will have a better understanding of what is in it.

There are many reasons why it is important for people like Dr. Harry Leider to stay hard at work figuring out what types of chemicals and compounds are being sold illegally on the streets. Not only is it incredibly dangerous to take drugs from someone who makes them on their own, with no regulations, but is can actually lead to stays in opiate detox clinics or even death. Without proper medical intervention, there have been many disastrous cases of individuals taking these kinds of unregulated drugs and ending up in the hospital or prescription drug detox centers. Unfortunately, even with the diligent work of companies like Ameritox, street scientists remain ahead in bringing new and dangerous drugs to the streets. If you or someone you know has developed an addiction to these kinds of substances, it is imperative that they seek immediate help from a licensed treatment center. Only there will they be able to get the necessary resources to help them overcome their addictions.

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