How To Deal With An Addiction To Ecstasy

by Bridget on March 28, 2012

Ecstasy addiction is a very serious health concern facing our nation today. Millions of people all over the country take the pill when they want to go out at night and have a wild time. However, often these same individuals wind up in the hospital or poison control centers getting their stomachs pumped. If you know someone who is struggling with an addiction to this dangerous drug, you should have them seek an Ecstasy detox program as quickly as possible. This is done to help get all of the harmful toxins out of a person’s body so that they can go to a rehabilitation facility without drugs in their system.


Ecstasy produces a wonderful feeling when taken that makes everything seem better and more vibrant. However, there are also many negative side effects to taking the drug. It can be very dangerous to take ecstasy with alcohol. You could experience a quickened heart rate and start to sweat profusely. An addiction to ecstasy can take over a person’s life very quickly. It starts out with a person just wanting to have a good time when they go out at night. However, pretty soon they are taking the drug in the middle of the day and when no one is around. This is how an addiction can sneak up on a person so quickly.


Normal side effects that are linked with the use of MDMA include an alteration of consciousness, inner peace and self-acceptance, lessened aggression or hostility, euphoria, compassion, a love for others, decreased pain sensitivity and many other nice happy feelings associated with a euphoria. These effects occur within 30 to 60 minutes of use and tend to reach their peak about 90 minutes after ingestion.


The period of coming down from the euphoria that Ecstasy delivers is refered to as Tuesday Blues or “Suicide Tuesday” this low depressive mood is a result of depleted serotonin levels that follow the use of MDMA over the weekend. Some adverse effects of Ecstasy include, teeth grinding, loss of appetite, dry mouth. Once the drug has worn off, other after effects include anxiety and paranoia, depression, irritability, fatigue, inability to pay attention or focus, residual feelings of empathy or sensitivity. Dizziness as well as gastrointestinal disturbances occurs as well.

Health Risks

Overdosing on Ecstasy is very dangerous and has many adverse effects. The psychological effects include anxiety and paranoia, and may even turn into psychosis. Acute delirium is common as well as hallucinations and delusions.  Some of the physical effects of an Ecstasy overdose include muscle twitching, hyperflexia, rapid breathing, palpitations, chest pain, circulatory shock, haemorrhaging or stroke, syncope, brain damage, and can even lead to a coma or death.

Drug addiction is not anything to take lightly. It is a very serious problem that affects millions of Americans every year. Ecstasy may be seen as a drug that is meant to be fun and glamorous, however, many people end up dead every year from abusing the pill. If someone you know is suffering from an ecstasy addiction, you should help them find an ecstasy detox program as soon as possible. After the detox program, which will remove all of the harmful toxins from the person’s body, they will be able to check themselves into a reputable rehabilitation facility. There, they can get to the bottom of their addictions and begin the process of becoming sober.

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