How To Get A Child Passport In Time For Your Big Trip

by erin on June 4, 2010

Today’s standards for safe travel are air tight and, prior to any travel, it is essential to get up to date on the current policies and procedures. Families who are planning on traveling together need to be especially aware of the process for getting a child passport since it is different from getting one for an adult. It may make travel preparations slightly more complicated, but the alternative is a huge hassle at the airport when they are trying to depart.

Many parents and guardians believe that if they travel with a very young child, the child does not need their own passport, but that is incorrect. Every child who goes on an international flight must have a passport of their own, including newborns. If each child does not have the proper documentation, the family will not be able to travel.

When applying for a passport, both parents must accompany the child to begin the process of applying. To prepare, students should fill out all of the essential paperwork but remember not to sign any of it until asked to do so by an acceptance agent. If a parent has been given sole custody, they must have proof that they are legally allowed to travel with their son or daughter, such as a court order granting sole custody.

The next thing that needs to be done is providing proof of the child’s US citizenship. Parents should keep in mind that the paperwork they submit will go with the application and will come back to them with the child’s passport. Appropriate forms of proof include a naturalization certificate or an expired passport.

The father and mother of the child will both need to provide evidence that they are truly the child’s parents. Documentation that fulfills this requirement includes a report of birth abroad or a court order granting custody. In the event that the parent’s name has changed, proof of a legal name change will also be mandatory. Additionally, both parents will need to provide copies of their personal identification.

The final requirement that parents must fulfill is providing their permission for the child to have a passport. For this to happen, both parents must fill out the paperwork and sign it in person and when prompted by the acceptance agent. If it is truly impossible for one of the parents to appear in person, the parent in attendance must have a notarized letter from the absent parent confirming their permission.

Of course, there is a fee involved with obtaining nearly any government document, including a child passport. It costs a total of eighty-five dollars to get the passport, including the actual cost and the execution fee. In situations where a passport is needed quickly, it can be processed at an expedited rate for a charge of sixty dollars.

The steps that must be taken to get a passports for minors can be inconvenient to complete, but it is important to do each one. Just one mistake could be enough to cancel out the passport and send the parents back to square one. It is important to check with the State Department to ensure that you have literally crossed every i and dotted every t before traveling internationally with your children.

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