The HP 2015 – A Reliable, Professional-Grade LaserJet Monochrome Printer

by erin on August 26, 2010

Printers are becoming more and more necessary. In most offices, daily tasks and projects would be impossible to complete without them. Even in the home, printers make it possible to print out online information, important emails and work schedules. Anyone considering purchasing an HP LaserJet 2015 printer should read the following information regarding the device’s performance, HP 2015 toner, and capabilities.

HP’s 2015 laser jet model features a very compact design. It weighs roughly twenty two pounds and is only fourteen inches wide. It won’t take up as much space as a full sized laser printer but it can handle just as many sheets of paper. The device is able to hold two hundred and fifty sheets of paper and fifty sheets for multipurpose use. If needed, the printer can handle much more.

The device is also very durable and built with top of the line parts. The Laser Jet 2015 printer has a page volume that is recommended between seven hundred and three thousand pages a month. To make interface more simple, it is compatible with many different types of operating systems as well.

The printer comes with a USB port and wireless networking capabilities. That makes it very easy for users to share information and manage the printer within its network. Transferring data with the USB’s high speed port makes quick transmissions and direct printing. Connecting the printer to your home or office’s wireless network won’t make it susceptible to outside viruses or attacks.

Aside from being durable and having wireless capabilities, this HP printer is also very fast for one of its size. It is able to print black and white documents at twenty seven pages per minute and has a first page print time of around eight seconds. The 2015 model also boasts high resolution imagery of 1200 dpi, which means that your pictures and documents will be of superior quality.

The HP printer ranges in price from roughly two hundred to five hundred dollars, depending on where it is purchased. It is considerably low priced when compared to similar printers and brands. Also bear in mind that the machine can be bought used or at wholesale prices for even cheaper and in just as good condition.

It is extremely quiet and definitely won’t disrupt conversations in the home or office. The HP LaserJet 2015 printer also features an extremely easy user interface. Actions like inserting printer paper and replacing ink jet cartridges can be done by those with little to no experience with laser printers. The Laser Jet’s detailed manual will help ensure that the day to day maintenance of the machine is simple and easy.

Finally, purchasing on of HP’s 2015 model printers gets you one year of warranty coverage. Any problem with the black and white HP toners will most likely be covered or replaced by HP. You’ll also receive access to award winning customer service and technical support. And to make the machine’s installation easier, an installation CD is included in the package.

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