A Review Of The HP Color LaserJet 2820 Printer

by erin on October 6, 2010

Gone are the days when offices had dedicated devices for dedicated tasks. Today it is the age of multipurpose and multi service solutions. One if the most common devices in modern offices is the printer. HP has now come out with a great all in one printer solution called the HP Color LaserJet 2820 Printer. This equipment uses sharp and reliable HP 2820 toner cartridges that will deliver sharp and efficient performance to your documents.

The 2820 HP printer has many interesting features that make it a one stop shop for most of the needs in any office. With all these great features, you just need this single unit on your floor and all the needs of the employees would be served pretty efficiently. It gives a lot of flexibility as well as saves in space and maintenance costs for multiple devices. It is a great addition to any office space.

Printing Solution
The primary aspect of the 2820 printer is its best in class printing solution. This is powered HP SMART printing technology. This allows for perfect color matching giving great results. Besides the replacement of cartridges is quite simple too. This means that anyone in your office can change the cartridges and work does not stall for the admin guys to come up.

This unit is a color laser jet printer. This means that you get perfect prints with the laser technology and good details with the color printing. The color printouts take around half a minute per page while black and white printouts take just 18 seconds per page. This 2820 also comes with network printing capabilities.

Scanning Solution
The scanner in this all in one unit is equally impressive. The 1200 dpi optical scanner can generate high resolution scans. To top it up, the 19200 dpi enhanced CCD scanner means you get amazing quality scans. You can use this unit as a locally connected scanner over USB or a network scanner. The scans can be sent a emails or stored in a local or network folder.

The HP software allows multiple photographs to be captured individually. The software can distinguish between individual photographs and capture them independently. This is a great way to get softcopies of all your hard paper based material for better storage in much lesser space.

Copying Solution
This unit can support up to 50 sheets at a time so you need not keep feeding in one sheet at a time to print it. This allows printing of multiple pages in one go. You can copy almost anything with this copier: books, photographs, notices and even small objects. You can create color as well as black and white copies of the documents.

Beside these three common features, this device also functions as an effective fax machine. So you can send faxes efficiently without having to invest in a separate machine for the same. It also supports digital imaging where you can print photographs and also integrate them into official documents and business notes.

In conclusion, HP Color LaserJet 2820 Printer is a great office utility. Its HP toner cartridges produce superior quality documents that other brands can’t replicate. By combining functionality, it can reduce office clutter and save space. This printer is also highly efficient and flexible to serve all kinds of official needs.

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