Choosing The HP Color LaserJet 3030 Printer For Your College Student

by erin on September 15, 2010

Going off to college can be a stressful time for parents and students. There are so many things that need to be considered such as what needs to be packed and what can be stored until a later date. The dorm room needs to be furnished and there is new computer equipment that the student needs for their studies. The HP Color LaserJet 3030 Printer is a great option because it is an all in one printer that copies, faxes and scans documents and when you add in the HP LaserJet 3030 toner, you get the best looking term papers in the class.

College dorm rooms are notoriously small and they have to be shared with another student in most cases. With the constraints on size, purchasing three separate components does not make much sense. The HP Color LaserJet 3030 Printer is compact enough for any dorm room without giving up on the quality of the documents.

With the HP Color LaserJet 3030 toner, printing is a breeze and the toner is priced for the student’s budget, too, particularly when more than one is purchased at a time. The toner in this printer offers more copies than most other laser or inkjet printers, which adds additional savings to this already great printer. Those who want to be even more economical can set it to fast draft when printing out notes or other media that are not turned into the professor.

With the copy function, the student can make as many copies of their papers that are needed and the copies come out clean and clear just as if it were printed directly from the computer. This is often a problem with other types of printer/copier models. The print quality is not always as good when set on copy mode.

Any college student can appreciate being able to scan in photographs or other media to help them create the perfect term paper. The student can also use the scanner to input photos of college life that can be sent to parents. They can also upload these photos to their social networking sites if their phone does not have that capability.

The cost of this printer is also well within any student’s or parent’s budget and set up is easy for even the novice user. It only takes a few clicks of the mouse button and everything is ready to go. Do not be surprised if your student tells you that all of their dorm friends are in their room using this printer combination.

Starting a college student on their way to furthering their education can be a challenge for any parents. Those who are on a budget, in these economic times budget is everything, can appreciate the low cost and ease of use with the HP Color LaserJet 3030 Printer. The HP Color LaserJet 3030 toner also fits into any student’s budget so parents do not need to worry about their student calling them all the time for money to purchase new HP toner.

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