The Advantages Of Implementing The HP 3800 Printer In Your Office

by erin on August 24, 2010

Are you seeking a new printer that will be able to keep pace with your business and with the capacity to handle multiple print jobs in color? If so, then the HP 3800n Printer may be a good choice. This workhorse is much more than just a modified home printer, having greater memory, faster processors and the ability to deliver up to 22 pages per minute. It provides high volume color printing with bright colors and sharp images for excellent reproduction.

When it comes to print quality, lasers have the advantage. Because the light moves very quickly across the page, they excel in the areas of precision, speed, and economy. These machines tend to be initially a little more expensive than inkjet models but usually cost less to run. Their use of toner is more economical than typical cartridge replacement over a period of time. Many offices rely on a laser printer to print long, involved text documents.

Other advantages include whisper quiet operation, something important in an office where constant interruptions need to be avoided. The print head moves silently during operation and is able to reproduce the finest resolution without creating a distraction. Workplace users will appreciate its capacity to handle many kinds of paper without distortion or smudging. This product is durable and has earned a reputation for reliability.

This HP makes network traffic disappear with its efficiency and speed. It has full network capability, and excels with large print jobs. The administrative and management tools standard with this device are helpful in boosting productivity and cut down on print cost management headaches. These machines are user-friendly and don’t require constant supervision in order to avoid operational problems. They are built to handle volume, and can print quickly and steadily on a daily basis without breaking down.

In addition to high volume production, these machines are admirably suited for everyday business needs such as letters, cover sheets and similar everyday output. The cost per page is lower than that of a comparable inkjet device. This model has an initial low tasking time of 12.5 seconds for the first page, faster than some other laser printers with similar specifications. Print is available both black and white or color and can handle a typical office output of 65,000 pages per month.

It also has excellent processing and is built with a 533 MHz chip for agility. Printed sheets emerge at 600×600 dpi resolution, providing printed copies that are clear and crisp. Standards of reproduction are more than acceptable for most situations. Duplex printing covering both sides can be done in a single pass if desired and it accepts paper up to legal size. The high-capacity processor can help translate a large document into printable form easily, which can speed up the printing process.

Memory is 96 MB of RAM, not excessive by today’s standards but adequate for most needs. If greater processing strength is needed, memory can be upgraded to 544 MB which is usually totally sufficient for a small to medium-sized work group. Standard paper handling capacity consists of a total of three paper trays with a combined total of 850 sheets. Connectivity is via USB and this device is compatible with a variety of environments, including PC, Mac and Linux.

The HP Color LaserJet 3800 Printer is a good choice for the small or medium-sized networked environment. Backed by the solid reputation of HP toner cartridges, it is easy to handle, quiet and efficient. It will become an asset to any office and may turn out to be the hardest worker.

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