The HP Color LaserJet 8550 Printer – A Consumer Product Review

by erin on August 27, 2010

The HP Color LaserJet 8550 printer can provide the printing needs for any business, whether small or large scale, and it does so with cost-effective HP 8550 color cartriges. Likewise, it can adjust with your growing productivity demands as it’s packed with flexible features via the networking print solution. In a busy work environment, HP understands there’s no room for wasting precious time.

Being a multi-functional printer, or MFP, it’s a combination of laser printer and copier in a single machine. It weighs 223 pounds and has a compact body which measures 26 inches x 28 inches x 42 inches (width x depth x height). It’s compatible with all media types such as transparencies, card stocks, labels and envelopes. A variety of paper types can also be worked on, such as copier, laser, glossy, recycled and others.

Compatible media sizes include legal, executive, letter and tabloid. When it comes to custom sizes, compatible ones include anywhere from 7.5 inches x 3.9 inches to 18.5 inches x 12 inches. There’s a standard paper input capacity equivalent to 600 sheets. However, through optional input trays available, that can be increased up to 1,000 paper sheets. With such features, this office equipment can easily catch up with varying productivity needs. Likewise, for two-sided printing, an optional duplexer unit may be installed.

There’s a 62 MB RAM within, which can be upgraded to a max of 512 MB through the 8 available memory slots. And with the improved 200 MHz processor in its core, waiting time is reduced. For black and white jobs, it only takes 38 seconds for the first print to be churned out. That’s 53 seconds for colored jobs. It has a printing speed of 24 ppm for black and white tasks and 6 ppm for colored ones.

A 32-GB HDD efficiently handles spooling print jobs and font storage needs. Speaking of fonts, there are 136 typefaces (Adobe Type 1) and 45 more HP has been thrown in (FontSmart). With the speedy Ethernet 10/100 JetDirect Base TX card, connecting to a network is hassle-free. This is IEEE 1284-compliant bi-directional parallel and is equipped with a open EIO slots.

It’s no secret that everything comes with a steep price tag these days. That’s why cost-reduction is highly important. HP understands this so there’s plenty of space for cost-effective printing solutions. This office equipment has a rating of a max of 60,000 pages in a month. Likewise, the HP WebAdmin feature makes it easy to manage the 8550 via online means.

In the future, it’s not unlikely for a business to expand and with expansion comes the growing need for productivity. But worry not as this colored laser printer can easily grow with your business so there’s no requirement to buy another machine. This is possible via the complete networking solution HP has included. Because of this, it’s easier to install, manage and maintain this flexible tool.

It’s possible to have documents that are professional in quality with the HP Color LaserJet 8550 Printer within reach. This can be achieved with effortlessness solutions and cost-effective HP laser toners. Whether you have a small or large scale workspace, this multi-functional printer can easily fit in it. In the future, as your business grows, it can easily catch up to the demands required.

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