Increase Productivity with An HP LaserJet 4650 Printer

by erin on September 3, 2010

HP printers, like the rest of the computer world, have been becoming more and more advanced with each passing year constantly upgrading their older systems. Taking into account what its larger printers are used for, this company has developed a greater appreciation of the business needs aspect of its printers. The HP LaserJet 4650 Printer is a state of the art piece of office machinery that can increase both the quality and level of overall document printing, especially when used with the HP Color Laser Jet 4650.

Laser printers are the most advanced style of printers available on the market and work much faster than all other counterparts. Any boss knows that they should always give their employees the best machines, especially when talking about printers. Having a speedy printer means that documents are ready faster, allowing employees to get more work done in the course of their day. The HP LaserJet 4650 has the ability to print up to 22 pages every minute making it one of the fastest on the market.

A key aspect to why this piece of equipment works at a higher output rate is the amount of memory and the power of the processor behind its operations. The memory component has a hard drive that contains 544 MB and the processing unit works at 553 MHz of power. This enables the onboard computer handle and process workloads at a higher rate as this printer rarely gets backed up.

Another fundamental component to the overall makeup of this HP’s latest printer design is the fact that it can store large quantities of printable paper in each of its loading trays. The machine itself has for different loading tray compartments that allow for up to 400 individual pieces of paper to be loaded inside. This gives the printer the capacity to handle up to 1600 pieces of paper making reloading paper a lot less frequent.

Hewlett Packard printers are at the leading edge of innovation not only in speed but in quality of printed materials as well. This particular style of printer uses industrial-sized ink cartridges that provide a tone and brightness almost unseen in other printers’ outputs. These materials are also easy to replace, as even the most non-technical employee will navigate the cartridge replacement process with relative ease.

While ink cartridges provide much of the coloration in each print, it is the definition provided by the toners that gives each character is own contrast and sharpness. Documents are worthless if they are smeared or made to look haphazardly. This toner is what provides the high-grade definition of each printed word or picture.

Locating and purchasing the very best equipment may cause a business to spend a bit more money, but it will pay off later in higher rates of production. The HP LaserJet 4650 Printer is a fast working machine that can handle a large workload with ease. The HP toner aids in making each copy the highest quality. HP Toner and ink cartridges ensure that the printer offers the highest quality of documents each and every time it is used.

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