A Review Of The HP Color LaserJet 2840 Printer

by erin on August 20, 2010

The new HP Color LaserJet 2840 Printer with HP color LaserJet 2840 toner is one of the new printers available by this electronic giant. They have produced another multi-functional machine that makes it convenient for people to get their work done in an economical fashion. They can also reduce the amount of clutter found in their office space with this all-in-one device.

This device is very modern and has many advanced capabilities. Its memory can be expanded to 224 MB, and it can accommodate many different forms of memory devices like memory sticks and smart media. These slots are good for printing out photos. Its size is about the same as any monochrome laser printer. However, it is rather heavy at 75 pounds.

This is a LaserJet printer that can print quite quickly at a speed of 20 pages per minute. It also prints in color at a very high quality which allows one to print professional documents for presentations and work. It connects via a USB port, and it also has a fax port. Its ability to fax is very good and quick. It can store faxes and phone numbers. Its scanner can scan in color to store the original document for better presentation as well.

This printer can use most operating systems, and its manuals are available in many different languages. Therefore, people from other countries and those overseas can use this printer with no problems. There are different types of software available like that runs the scanning capabilities as well as the software for the faxing portion of the machine.

This machine also has energy-saving capabilities for those who are energy conscious. Overall, the setup is not difficult, and there is a warranty for free technical service.

The rating of this printer by professional is that it is a very good printer that could be a little faster. It, however, does print very nice quality documents. Its other functions are also up to standard. Overall, this is a very good product for personal use and small businesses.

Hewlett Packard has come out with another product to help those who need fine, crisp copies to advance their business or to complete their work. It is a multifunction machine which has the capability to scan, copy, and fax. This makes things so convenient because it saves a lot of space to accomplish more work than having three or four machines cluttering the office. It also saves people money because it is economical to buy one machine instead of four.

It has received many good reviews from electronics professionals. When used with HP toner, it has been rated superb in the quality of its output from copies to the scanner documentation. This model is part of a series, however, this has the most functions. It sells for cheap. It is a great machine because it is very versatile in that many operating systems can use it. It is also easy to use for those from other countries. The manuals are written in many other languages to help them set it up in their business.

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