Information On The HP LaserJet 3700 Color Printer

by erin on August 24, 2010

Designed for small and medium businesses, the HP Color LaserJet 3700 Printer is a multi-tasking printer purposely designed to be compact, easy to operate and service, and is equipped with high-quality black and white or color HP Color LaserJet 3700n toner. This makes it a printer worth looking into.

HP is number one in business printing and imaging, with many innovations that raise their products above the level of most competitors. One important point is the simplicity of their machines, designed to allow in-house staff to perform most maintenance tasks easily and quickly. Replaceable parts snap into position and are easily removed, The ‘handles’ on the mechanical parts are color-coded for identification and the paper and ink capacity is large to make supply replenishment less taxing.

The online support for their printers is excellent, with training programs and troubleshooting tips for problems that are not assessed and corrected by the internal checking devices installed in every printer. The Help Desk is always available but the support features keep the need for fee-based interaction to a minimum.

HP uses is a non-fading ink with a four-cartridge system that allows for superb color control and accuracy. At 16 ppm, both color and black and white images are sharp and consistent, both in full and half tones. HP also has color controls which allow either the user or the company driver to restrict color, for printing emails for instance, or limit its use according to application, user, or group. This cost-saving feature, added to the lower energy consumption of HP printers, can save a company a lot of money.

Like other HP laser jets, the 3700 series has the ink cartridge separate from the print head, both of which are replaceable with snap-in parts. This allows for more ink capacity in the cartridges and for a print head to be replaced only when necessary and the heads last through many ink refills.

In addition to easy user interaction and fewer cleaning and maintenance tasks, this particular printer has an expandable 128 MB memory and is compatible with both Microsoft and Mac programs. The paper storage can be augmented by optional extra drawers, there is a manual slot for heavy or custom media, it has two-sided printing capability, and there is but one door for supply and maintenance. The Instant Fusing Technology developed by HP means that there is little delay for warm-up and the first page of a job is delivered in less than 20 seconds.

HP printers enjoy the distinction of the best print quality in the default setting, while offering other features such as fast, economical mode and many custom settings. Better contrast, more reliable color matching, sharper details, and crisper text are reasons HP printers are favored for desk top publishing and professional presentations. The automatic control panel reveals supply levels and the print driver can be programmed to track and report color use as well as control it.

The HP Color LaserJet 3700 Printer is one of the many business tools that the industry leader has developed to help businesses achieve high-quality results while saving on outside printing fees, energy use, downtime, and technical help fees. Be sure to look into this effective printer and its high-quality HP toners.

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