The Many Tasks One Can Accomplish With An HP Color LaserJet CP3505N Printer

by erin on September 2, 2010

In these rough economic times that face every business and American alike, finding useful machinery at the right cost is more important than ever. The right machinery in the work place can help bolster the productivity of employees but cutting out waiting time for machines to comply with commands. The HP Color LaserJet cp3505n Printer and its HP color toner are a great, and cheap way to upgrade office machinery and produce the higher outputs needed to stay in business.

Making documents print faster may seem like a trite point when looking increase productivity but when looking at the broad picture, saving as much time as possible will allow it to be spent on other areas. A HP Color LaserJet cp3505n Printer and its operating system produce a heavy workload extremely quickly printing up to 21 pages every minute. It has a large 450 MHz processor that allows it to make quick work when producing complex pictures and letterheads on documents.

Brightness, contrast, and coloration are also keep pieces of printing documents. Printing something quickly that is barely legible will increase the workload of the printer because items will need reprinting as well as a waste of time for employees. HP Color LaserJet cp3505n toner packages and ink cartridges help keep each item printed at the highest quality with clear definition in each character produced.

Finding machinery that is readily compatible with an office building’s systems can aid in employers upgrading only one piece of apparatus while keeping their computers in place. HP cp3505n model printers are compatible with any type of computer, as it can interface data both from PCs and Macs. Therefore, when an employer chooses this style of printer they do not need to replace the computers used in the office along with it.

Another great component of this office appliance is the network-enabled feature built into the hardwiring of the printer itself. “Network enabled” is a technical term that simply means more than one computer system can print from the same computer. This means that employers can save money further by letting just one of these appliances handle the entire workload of an office. However, it is a good rule of thumb that each department gets their own printer, so that fifty people are not printing from the same one.

Finally, the most attractive quality that this piece of office machinery has to offer potential buyers, and usually the most liked, is the fact that this appliance is one of the cheaper models on the market. While other printers with the same criteria exist at retail prices of over $1000, this one can be found in the $500 to $600 price range, depending on the venue of purchase. This allows the business owner to solve their printing problems and put their money to use in other areas of the business.

Each HP Color LaserJet cp3505n Printer can serve as a major hub for producing documents in any office environment. HP toners and ink cartridges work quickly with its hard drive to make even the most complex pictures print quickly. HP toner, paper, and extra cartridges are also sold separately when needed for backup supplies.

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