The Attractive And Economical HP LaserJet 1022 Printer

by erin on September 1, 2010

Are you looking for a laser printer that can efficiently handle the needs of your small office? Or are you a student who needs high quality, inexpensive and reliable reproduction in black and white? If so, the HP LaserJet 1022 Printer with high-quality 1022 toner may be the right choice. This machine is easy on the eyes, small enough to fit into a cramped space, and is perfect for graphs or reports.

While laser printers are not the glamorous newcomers they once were, they are still recognized as the first choice for small businesses. This HP offering is a very good value for its output and performance. Visually, it measures a tidy 14.6 X 14.3 X 9.5 in, and weighs in at a little more than 12 lb. Because this workhorse utilizes laser technology, it has the capacity to print entire pages at once, and there is no wait for the ink to dry.

They are also masters of printing fine details, an important factor for many applications. Some inkjet printers can achieve nearly the same clarity, but take longer and use more ink. When used in a setting that does not demand color printing, this device excels at printing line graphics and text. Its higher speed and lower cost of operation are important considerations for most offices.

Actual print speed is up to 19 ppm, a good rating compared to other printers in the same class. When tested with small font reproduction, the LaserJet 1022 was able to hold its own with more expensive laser reproduction. A standard toner cartridge will yield about 2000 pages, and the higher yield HP 1022 cartridges can keep cost per page at a very low level. With an average usage of 8000 copies per month, it can adequately serve a small office of less than five people.

This device is versatile, and its 1200 X 1200 dpi can accurately and attractively reproduce any graphics. If you need to print on non-standard sized media, it will accept everything from a small 3 X 5″ card size up to 8.5 X 14″. The paper input capacity consists of one priority input tray and one standard tray, with a capacity of 260 sheets. It supports manual duplex printing, and will accept envelopes, labels, card stock, post cards and transparencies as well as regular paper.

Energy use remains an important factor for offices trying to control costs. When in standby mode, it is consuming only two watts, one of the lower ratings in its class. While operational it requires about 300 watts, still below the average power use ratings for similarly priced models. The HP 1022 is host-based, meaning that it relies on your computer’s power rather than its own massive memory.

Because of this, it is equipped with a non-upgradable 8MB of RAM. If desired, users can download a driver giving the 1022 LaserJet a larger font library. Its processor is a nimble 266MHz, and software installation is a breeze with the included CD. Watermarks can be customized and the print quality can be adjusted to suit the job.

Connection is trouble-free and relatively easy with USB 2.0, and wireless networking is now available under the name HP LaserJet 1022nw. The operational noise ranks a little higher than some other printers, notably when it runs out of paper, but this doesn’t detract from overall economy and value. This device is appealing to users attracted by its small size, ease of operation and economical HP cartridges. The HP LaserJet 1022 printer may be exactly what your small business needs.

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