HP LaserJet 2100m Printer Seems Good For Business

by garrett on January 20, 2010

The HP LaserJet 2100m printer has received a lot of favorable reviews. Judging by the user reviews, it is a piece of equipment that is relatively fast, very efficient and less expensive than others of its kind. It is what is called a “workgroup” printer (some have called it a “workhorse” printer). It works equally well within an office situation and in an office at home. Measuring sixteen and a half inches by nineteen inches by nine inches and weighing in at approximately twenty-five pounds.  It has the capability of printing out 15,000 pages per month, each professionally offered by the HP LaserJet 2100m toner.

If you want color printing, this is not the printer for you as it only prints in black and white. Memory size is nice at eight megabytes. Even nicer is that memory can be expanded up to 40 megabytes. There is some disagreement as to the speed of the printer. Some users find it fine and others think it is too slow. It prints ten pages a minute. There seems to be universal agreement that the printing quality is wonderful. There’s a choice of either printing at twelve hundred dots per inch for sharp resolution, or at six hundred dots per second for jobs that need to be completed a bit faster with a slight lessening of quality.

Three paper trays are available with this model. Two of them come with the printer and the third is optional. One of the trays is for custom work and holds one hundred sheets of paper, the second, which can hold 250 sheets of paper, is for regular print work (i. e., regular and legal size sheets, envelopes, checks, etc.) The optional third tray has the same capacity as the second and is helpful for larger print jobs.

Remote management is very important for both offices and for those who work at home. The network component of this printer is very viable, particularly for those workers at home who need to print their work over to their home offices. All that is required is that the computer in the home has access to the business printer network. The networking flexibility of this printer has been seen as a big plus.

There certainly has not been a dearth of response and critiques on the Internet about this printer. Many users have weighed in with their pros and cons. Below are some of their comments.

“Because it is a very quiet machine, it doesn’t disturb my concentration when I’m working and it’s printing.”

“I like the power-saving feature. It doesn’t use the same amount of electricity when sitting waiting for the next job.”

“It is quite durable. I’ve had mine for years and have never had to call for repairs.”

“I would have liked for an additional USB port connector to have been included with the initial purchase.”

“It costs quite a bit more than the old dot matrix printers, so you have to know what kind of quality is important for your job.”

“I need an output tray that has more paper capacity. The one hundred and fifty sheets are not sufficient for my work.”

“Although it is not as fast as I would like, I have no complaints about the print quality. It is excellent.”

“The infrared reader is wonderful.”

Selecting a printer for a small business or office at home is an important decision. The best thing to do is to make a list of your needs and see if the HP LaserJet 2100m printer is the one to buy. If the pros outweigh the cons and it seems to fit the purposes of the business better than other printers on the market, then the decision will be a good one.

The toner a machine uses is also important and HP LaserJet 2100m toner delivers.  Anyone familiar with HP toner will not be surprised by this.  Having a machine work when you want it to, without delay, means having extra printer toner around for those heavy jobs.

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