HP LaserJet 4100 – Your Company Will Be At The Top

by garrett on June 29, 2009

With flexibility and capability that is truly comprehensive, the HP LaserJet 4100 is without rival. Rising to meet all demands of the present day company, the machine comes through on all accounts in terms of potency. Regardless of the project, the HP LaserJet 4100 is an unrivaled versatile company expert when it comes to providing stellar prints reliably. Get HP 4100 Printer Toner, the best for this excellent printer.

General Specs- The Laserjet 4100 printer comes highly recommended for office and home printing purpose especially were space is limited. The device is compactly styled with measurements of a mere 15. 4x20x13. 6 inches in width, depth and height respectively. It is however a little bulky for a monochrome laser printer, weighing in at 27. 5 pounds. This neat, little work horse can reach speed of up to 25 pages per minute, making it a rather zippy printers. Taking into consideration the exceptional quality you are investing in, the product is undoubtedly well priced at between US Dollars 99. 00 and US Dollars 227. 95.

Paper types and sizes- Both curved and straight media path types are supported. Compatible media types include plain paper, transparencies, cards and envelopes. Media sizes range from A4, A5, legal, exec and letter.

Product pro’s- The greatest advantage to the device is its remarkable 12 second warm-up time when compared other laser printers in the price range. Another super pro to the machine is it’s 600 page tray capacity which makes optional paper trays really redundant.

Product con’s- Unfortunately, the machine does not support paper duplex printing.

Connectivity options- In terms of connectivity only parallel interfacing is supported. On the up side the printer is Plug and Play compliant. Connection cables are not included with your purchase it is thus recommended that you order your connection cables well in advance.

Operator compatibility- HP-UX, IBM OS/2 Warp, Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows 2000 and NT4. 0 operating systems are compatible with the printer.

Warranty- An one year manufacturer’s warranty comes standard with your purchase. Take note that warranty is limited on parts and labour.

Toner- The Laserjet 4100 toner cartridges produce an astonishing 10 000 prints at a five percent coverage rate. A full sized start-up cartridge will be included with your purchase which means that replacement will only be necessary after the normal 10 000 page duty cycle. Cartridges retail for an estimated US Dollar 38. 89.

For the most fine and detailed prints on the market, add your printer with HP LaserJet 4100 toner and you’ll behold the uncanny production potential of the HP LaserJet 4100. An amazing investment for any company, the HP LaserJet 4100 provides precise details and print speeds that are unsurpassed and will awe employees and owners alike.

Printing like a pro is speedy and simple with the easy to use and concise HP LaserJet 4100 offering its user-friendly interface. Suiting the desires of any user, the HP LaserJet 4100 has a very tiny learning curve and is a piece of cake to use regardless of toner comprehension. Adding or repairing the exceptional HP LaserJet 4100 toner is just as stress free and convenient.

Overwhelming your every preconception, the HP LaserJet 4100 is more than capable of handling the requirements of any size project with the highest levels of efficiency. Incorporating a peak potency Printer Toner to your machine will only denote that the quality of your prints and the stunning, polished look of your jobs will continue to wow and inspire. Upgrade today to the printer your company needs and rid yourself of poor-quality, inefficient and environmentally harmful printers; lose no more time with inferior hardware!

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