If Your Ordering A USA Passport Online, Time Is Of The Essence

by erin on February 26, 2010

There are many reasons an individual may consider ordering a passport online. One may be the ease in which this may be accomplished by doing a brief search and finding many different providers of passport services on the Internet. This allows one to make an intelligent decision on who offers the best price for expediting and securing a passport is short order.

By ordering passports online, you may also avoid having to make and keep appointments or stand in line at the local post office. That is if they even provide passport services at the branch near you. It is quite possible for some, depending of course on their location, that the online option may be the only one.

Once a search has been completed and a provider chosen to assist in the application process, the next step will be to acquire the proper forms. Many of the websites will have a single passport specialist from their staff that will be assigned to you. This individual will help guide you through the entire process, acting as your own personal advisor who will help with the entire process.

The forms are actually pretty easy to fill out and many of them can be completed before printing out. The only thing that a first time applicant needs to be aware of is that the application cannot be officially signed until they are actually in front of the agent at the passport office. If it is signed beforehand, they will void it and everything will have to be done again.

The forms that will need to be filled out will have to be printed. The paper used when printing these must not be shiny or have only other finish or watermark other than plain printer paper. The paper must be 8 x11 and only white paper with no lines or holes must be used.

The photographs must be two inches by two inches and in full color. Black and white photos are not considered acceptable along with one taken in a photo booth, such as the ones found in malls around the country. These pictures will need to be taken by someone who understands what a passport photo is and there are many providers of this service to be found locally.

Now that everything is together, the only thing left is to mail in everything and get the process started. For this task, the applicant will want to use a service like UPS or FedEx. By using a reliable overnight service, the documents will be secure and proof of delivery will be available. Just remember, these are very important items and if they get lost, it could lead to some very serious problems. The couple of dollars in shipping them securely is a very good investment.

Ordering a U S passport online will allow for the entire process to be sped up well beyond the standard methods. This will also make first time applicants have a much easier time of it as there are many ins and outs to completing the entire process correctly the first time. By gathering some assistance from an online provider, the entire pasports experience is guaranteed to move along a lot smoother.

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