Is Your Teen Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol?

by AdamS on August 3, 2012

Teens are particularly vulnerable to the world of drugs or alcohol. Whether because of peer pressure, life stresses, or mere curiosity, substance abuse has always been a popular area of experimentation for young adults. It is very important to recognize the signs of substance abuse with teens in particular because if deterred from using early, then they have better odds of remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol and continue to live full and happy lives. However, if they are not, they are under a greater risk of developing addictions that negatively impact them later in life. Teens that have developed an addiction should be sent to a quality addiction treatment center where they can receive medical care like the one found at If parents can recognize the signs of drug or alcohol abuse, then they can intervene before their abuse becomes a full blown addiction.


It is no secret that healthy teenagers are concerned with their over-all appearance; from the cloths that they wear to the way that they choose to style their hair. As substance abuse increases, people tend to stop caring about the way that they look. Their skin may start to show signs of unhealthy habits by looking pale or discolored. They may also stop caring so much about hygiene which can be manifested through the way they look and smell.


Teens usually are involved in various extracurricular activities that might involve, sports, afterschool jobs, school related activities and other healthy hobbies. Your teen might be showing signs of substance abuse by caring less about activities that they were once passionate about. They might choose to start hanging out with what you might call a “rough crowd” that is negatively influencing your son or daughter. Perhaps they stop attending family functions such as festive gatherings or church. You may also notice or hear that they are skipping school on a more regular basis without telling you or notifying the school as to why.

Mood Swings

Teenagers do naturally tend to be a more moody demographic. Their hormones are raging, and they are going through some major life changes during this time that can seriously affect their attitude. However, there are distinct behaviors that a person using a substance will start to make manifest. These mannerisms are dependent upon the type of drug that they are using. Some drugs might cause them to be extremely manic, and others make them extremely sluggish. The way that they talk and behave may seem increasingly irrational and impulsive.

Pocket Money

This is another area that is a little tricky when it comes to young adults. It is very common for teens to ask their parents for money because they want to go to a movie, buy clothes, or attend some sort of costly function. Parents should use their own discretion, but if your teen isn’t telling you what they are using their money for, or they are asking for a lot of money on a regular basis, then you do have reason to be suspicious. Also, teens that are using have been known to steal from their parents. In the early stages, this will usually just be small cash from wallets and purses, but can eventually turn into expensive items around the home.

A healthy teen can be very unpredictable and exhibit erratic, questionable behaviors naturally. However, because of the how vulnerable and exposed young adults are to drugs and alcohol, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If they are showing any of these symptoms of substance abuse, then it is important to intervene early so as to keep them from developing a more dangerous addiction. For information about a quality drug addiction treatment clinic, go to

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