It Can Be Fun To Learn Spanish The Right Way

by erin on March 12, 2011

People who consider learning a second language are often hesitant to start because they do not want to feel embarrassed their own mistakes when speaking. They realize that making a new language your own takes time and study. True enough, you do not master a language in a day. On the other hand it is not an impossible task either. European languages are not difficult to master. If for instance You want to learn Spanish, there is no reason not to do it.

You do not need to be a hundred percent fluent in a language in order to have a conversation it it. This is the attitude you must have in the initial stages. Put your fears aside. It is easy for young children to pick up a language because they don’t even know about tenses and other language rules. Making a mistake is a normal part of the process. The aim is to let others know what you want to express. To reach that goal is all that matters. That is the way you should look at learning a language.

Don’t con yourself into believing you should know everything about grammatical rules and idiomatic expressions or continuous tenses. Maybe later. For now you want to use the language. People believe you should know a language to use it. Not so, the truth is you should use a language to know it. The more you speak the language you are learning, mistakes and all, the better you will get.

It is not really possible to say exactly how long it will take you to learn a language. You can work on an average of about seven months with four hours of study a week and a lot of practice in between. That is really not too difficult to achieve and can be squeezed into most schedules. After that you should have reached a level where you will be able to have simple conversations in Spanish.

Concentrate on common words and sentences when you start. Do not lose sight of your goal. To speak the language. To talk and be understood. Not to write plays or complicated articles for literary magazines. Don’t get caught up in book-Spanish, nice as it may sound. Language is forever changing. We do not speak the language today that Shakespeare used in his plays. Don’t try to be a Spanish Shakespeare.

To make a start you need the basic principles. Study them and understand them. Speak the language at each and every opportunity. People in countries where they speak more than one language will tell you learning a language is less than half the battle. Speaking is the key to make a language part of you. Use it or lose it, they say.

The learning process is not expensive. A book and CD do not cost much and that is all you need. You do need both though. The book to check the spelling and an audio CD to learn how to say it. Repeat what you see and hear and in no time you are on your way.

Hearing the language is very important for learning to pronounce words. Then you must repeat it. Just like the children that we have already referred to. They listen to the words used by their parents and others and they repeat it.

The net is another place you will find language courses. Shop around and you will learn at a reasonable price. If you want to learn Spanish, there is a world of opportunity out there do to so.

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