Jay-Z Tells Rihanna To Go To Rehab

by Bridget on June 4, 2012

Rihanna is one of the most successful pop stars in the world. Her anthems about partying and having a good time have become staples in our radio waves and in our clubs and bars. However, it appears Rihanna may be taking her own advice on “living your life” a tad too literally. Insiders close to the singer are concerned that her hard partying ways are damaging her career. One individual who is not pleased with Rihanna’s recent antics is Jay-Z. The hip-hop mogul and businessman, who owns the record label that employs Rihanna, is apparently livid with the singers recent behavior.

International Stardom

Being an international singing sensation is no easy task. There are countless appearances and performances that you must do, as well as a variety of other engagments that must be met. However, in recent months, Rihanna has been blowing a number of these mandatory meetings off to party. Of course, maintain such a lifestyle while performing to the height of one’s capabilities is extremely difficult, if not impossible. In fact, Rihanna has actually slept through a number of important meetings in recent weeks because she had been out all night before. Jay-Z has warned her that if this type of behavior does not cease, she will no longer work for his record label.

Dangers Of Fame

Rihanna is not the only young, famous individual who has had struggles balancing her free time and personal life with all of the things she is required to do for her career. The pressures of fame and fortune, which are seemingly great problems to have for the rest of us, can be very difficult to actually endure. The problem with many famous celebrities is that they hide their addictions from the world. They put on a face that says nothing is wrong. However, Rihanna is behaving a little differently. She recently tweeted, from her hotel room in London, “U know life is great when u wake up at 9 am DRUNK!!!” Obviously, life is not great when you wake up in the morning intoxicated. It is a sign that a person is struggling with a severe alcohol addiction. Needless to say, Jay-Z was not amused with this tweet.

Hopefully, Rihanna will heed her boss’ warning and seek treatment for alcohol addiction. If she does not, she could not only lose her job, but she could be putting her freedom and health at risk, as well. No one wants to see another of our young, talented celebrities end up destroying themselves with drugs or alcohol again. It is important that those surrounding the young singer implore her to seek treatment so that she can get her life back on track. It will benefit her career, her health and her future. Those close to her say that Rihanna has reached the breaking point, and that if she does not get help soon, she could snap. Let’s hope Jay-Z’s warning strikes a chord with the singer so that she gets the help she needs.

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