An Adrenaline-Fueled Escape – Kayaking Destinations Abroad

by erin on September 7, 2010

While some like to use their vacation to relax around a pool or seaside, others prefer a more active experience. For many of those activity seekers, kayaking is a must-consider type of vacation. With so many opportunities around the world, be sure to fill out a US passport application so you won’t eliminate any location because a passport is a necessary part of all international travel.

Sometimes referred to as paddling, kayaking is certainly classified as one of those active sports to be enjoyed on vacation. As transportation, you can explore places that you can’t visit on foot. This give you the opportunity to experience nature is areas that have perhaps never been visited. Many families prefer kayaking up a river or stream, sometimes with the assistance of a guide. The advanced kayaker, however, may want to experience whitewater kayaking for a real adrenaline rush. While not suited to young children, the danger of whitewater kayaking attracts the adventure seeker. Some prefer the open waters of the ocean and sea kayaking provides such an experience on a large lake or ocean.

There are tons of beautiful places to which you can take your family on a kayaking trip. One of these places is Fiji. Fiji is world-renowned for its incredibly beautiful water as well as its large chain of islands, which make for the perfect adventure. These unpopulated and undeveloped islands are just right for those looking to really explore.

The Mekong River in Cambodia is another more exotic place to explore by kayak. This river is fed by secluded jungle streams and is surrounded by a lush, dense, rain forest. On this river, you and your family are bound to meet the famous freshwater dolphins as well as schools of beautiful and exotic fish.

Belize is another must for a kayak trip. Recognized as one of the best places to kayak in the world, Belize is famous for its crystal clear water, rain forests full of exotic birds, animals, and plants, and the mysterious Mayan ruins. Exploring reefs and seaside caves are only a few ways to have your breath taken away. You are also able to go kayaking on the open ocean in order to meet the world’s largest fish: the whale shark.

Traveling to an international location requires a passport for every member of your family. Getting a passport has been made simple and secure through online passport websites. Even if you have a damaged US passport, these sites are ready and waiting to assist you. Security is number one with a reputable online passport agency so getting your passport can be a worry-free experience.

Kayaking is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature on vacation, not to mention it helps you stay active as well. There are tons of places located all over the world that are famous for their beautiful scenery, and kayaking can help you experience them. All you need to do to get your adventure started is go online and fill out a United States passport application, If you need to replaced an expired or damaged American passport, these sites can take care of that too.

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