Know Which Passport Application Forms Are Required

by erin on May 27, 2011

Many 24 hour passport application forms are available to meet the needs of United States citizens when requesting travel documents. There are many circumstances that required additional information to confirm eligibility. In order to determine which are relevant to you, check online or contact a local department to make sure you have everything you need.

Application Forms

General Form DS-11 is used by most all applicants. It may need to be submitted with other documents that will further explain the circumstances involved. People who have never received travel documents as well as those who received one over 15 years ago should use this form. Additional uses include minors who received one when they were under 16 and those who have had theirs stolen or who lost it.

Mail Submission

Mail-in submissions must use DS-82. It requires proof in the form of an undamaged passport that is sent with the request. If issued within the last 15 years and you were over 16 when you got it, this is the correct form. If you are requesting a name change and have legal documents to prove it, this form is correct.

Travel Documents

Use Form DS-5504 to change your name if you already have a passport that is valid. Limited validity is assigned to travel documents that have a lower period of validity. This may be because they are a replacement for a lost or stolen document. Form DS-5504 is used to extend the period of validity. If, after receiving your passport, you find that it contains errors, use this form to have the information corrected.

Consent Statement

When you need to submit a Statement of Consent for a minor, use Form DS-3053. This statement is submitted by non-applying parents or guardians to show they consent to the application. It is also used to provide a Statement of Special Circumstances. This is when several attempts have been made to get a Statement of Consent signed, but the applying parent has not been able to get the required signature. Each attempt to obtain the signature has to be carefully detailed, so there is no doubt that an honest attempt has been made to locate the non-applying parent.

Frequet Travel

Additional Visa pages may be obtained for frequent travelers using Form DS-4085. If your passport is lost or stolen, use Form DS-64 to get a replacement. Make sure you have the correct application and any other required form. It can be confusing, so check with a professional if you have any questions or to get more information.

Travel Requirements

Recent changes to international travel requirements have created a new industry that can obtain expedited passports for you. While they can significantly shorten the time required to process it, there is a significant increase in costs. Typical applications are processed in four to six weeks. Expedited requests take about two to three weeks. Companies that expedite the process can, depending on the circumstances, get the entire process done within one day.

Detailed Information

Make sure you have all applicable passport application forms when you submit your packet. To save time, make sure you follow all of the rules and provide complete, detailed information. The forms should be filled out using a black pen. All documents accompanying the application should be on standard white paper.

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