Tips To Help You Learn Greek

by erin on December 13, 2010

People want to learn Greek for a variety of reasons. Biblical scholars study the language to better understand the Bible in the original manuscripts. Literature students also like reading classics in the language that they were originally written. Others want to study Greek so that they can be fluent in the language while visiting Greece for work or vacation.

No matter why you want to learn the language, there are several tips that can make learning it easier. To begin, you need to find someone to help you in your studies. Greek is a difficult language to master. It is not only a new way of talking and pronouncing words, but it is also using an entirely different alphabet.

The first step to understanding Greek is to know the alphabet. By working with a skilled instructor, you can more easily grasp this foundational part of the language. Without properly understanding each letter and pronunciation, your studies will never be entirely correct. It is imperative that you learn the alphabet as the first step just as you did when you learned to read the English language.

If you cannot find a Greek class in your area, the internet is a great resource. You can order software that teaches Greek lessons. You could also find an online tutor to help you in the process. Through webcams and services such as Skype, you can have conversations with a native of Greece and learn from someone who has the experience of an expert.

Another option is to spend some time visiting Greece. You can soak up the culture and visit all of the beautiful historical landmarks while hearing and reading Greek all around you. This immersion based technique is one of the easiest ways to just naturally learn the language, but it takes patience and the money to travel.

There are three basic aspects of learning any language. You need to learn to speak, read, and write. You can master speaking Greek by finding a friend and practicing together. If you do not have anyone with a common interest in the Greek language, consider using dictation programs to speak simple Greek phrases.

To begin reading Greek, you can use the internet to read blogs or newspapers published in Greek. This will help you practice comprehending Greek when it is written as something you are unfamiliar with. In the beginning, you might only be able to point out a few letters or words you recognize. As time moves on, you will be able to read the Greek newspapers in their entirety. That will be an amazing accomplishment!

Learning any new language takes time and effort. You will not become fluent over night, but with a little practice, you can successfully master the new language. If you want to learn Greek, find a language course and use the internet as an important resource. Soon you will be speaking Greek and impressing all of your friends and family. Imagine the looks on their faces when you start speaking in Greek at your next family reunion. They will be amazed at your newfound skills.

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