Learn How To Get A Passport To Make The Process Easier

by erin on February 23, 2010

While there was a time when a passport was not needed to go to certain travel destinations that is no longer true. Regardless of where a traveler is headed, they are going to need some form of passport document. The process of getting a passport can be difficult for some people, but knowing how to get a United States passport and not walking into the office blindly is half the battle.

It is always recommended that before anyone makes a move, they get online and read all of the rules and laws that the State Department has in place in regards to passports. These laws will sometimes change and it is best to be 100% sure of what is needed. There are other locations on the Internet that will provide this information, but the State Department is the original source and the best one to use.

Passport photos are going to be needed are the complete responsibility of the applicant. While some passport centers will offer this service for an additional fee, they can usually be obtained for less money as some local photo shops. If that is the source of the photos, just make sure that they know the photos are being used for a passport so that they are sized correctly.

Before going to the applicant center, each potential applicant will need to present a valid form of identification as well as a valid certificate of naturalization. Valid ID cards are normally a driver’s license, a military ID, or a government ID. Naturalization certificates can be a U.S. birth certificate or a notarized certificate of naturalization. Applicants must also bring photocopies of each form of identification.

Application centers are normally in U.S. Post Offices. First time applicants must apply in person at a certified passport application center. A full list of approved application centers can be found on the State Department website. An applicant must bring passport photos as well as the two forms of ID and photocopies of the ID to the application center.

Anyone that is getting a passport for the first time will actually have to go to a passport office in order to turn in all of their passport application form. Once everything has been accepted, they can expect to receive a passport in about two months. While this may seem like a long time, it used to be much longer before the new travel laws were put in place.

If there is the need to get the passport sooner than the standard times, there is an expedited service that is offered for an additional fee. This will generally get the passport back within three weeks. There are also agencies that offered expedited service and while the fees are much higher, they can usually deliver a passport in any time frame that is needed.

While getting a filling out the passport application form can be a bit of a chore, knowing how to get a United States passport is half the battle. It is amazing how many people show up without the right documentation, missing photos or even the wrong sized photos. All they get is a shake of the head and sent to the back of the line why they get their things in order.

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