The Numerous Advantages Of Learning Portuguese

by erin on December 29, 2010

There are millions of people on the planet today that are in the process of learning another language. There are also countless people who are contemplating learning a new language but are unsure where to start and which language to learn. It is actually an incredibly sound decision to learn portuguese language as there are countless reasons this particular language provides numerous advantages.

When deciding on learning a language, it is crucial to understand what the needs and requirements are for that particular language. Of course, there is also the fun of learning which motivates many people as well as the appeal of being that much more ahead of the game as well as more dynamic in being able to learn overall. If one learns Portuguese, they are often getting the best of both worlds in regards to fun and practicality.

Portuguese is spoken by one of the largest countries in the world as it the native language of Brazil which is an incredibly rapid developing country with countless opportunities today. It is also spoken in Portugal which is contemporary, serene, and a peaceful place to live and visit.

Given the above facts, Portuguese is actually the fastest growing European languages being learned today. As Brazil and other parts of the world that speak this language become more of a global player, there are countless opportunities provided when this language is spoken. Also, the numbers of people that already are learning it and know it are growing which could prove useful when attempting to learn the language.

Portuguese is actually one of the easier languages to learn today. If one already knows Spanish or French as a native tongue, this makes for a very easy learning curve as the languages are very similar. Also, the overall alphabet and content of the Portuguese language is very easy to understand and allows for ease of learning as well.

If one learns Portuguese fluently, there are actually a couple other languages that are able to be learned as a result of fluency. As mentioned, Portuguese and Spanish are actually quite similar in content and context for those living in Brazil. It is also very similar to French when spoken in Portugal. This makes it easy to learn French or Spanish at a later time if one decides to do so.

Portuguese is in the Romance language family which also includes English, Italian, French, and Spanish. These are often some of the more beautiful languages to learn which makes it not only incredibly fun to do but also provides a benefit for those that love the art and romance of language. When hearing Portuguese spoken, it truly does sound quite fluid and romantic.

Overall, the decision to learn new languages can be quite overwhelming to those that are unclear as to which direction to take. As this can be quite a complex learning situation, there are countless advantages to choosing one that is very current and viable for today and the future. Thus, it is important to learn Portuguese today.

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