Learn Spanish Quickly And Effectively

by erin on March 18, 2011

Taking on the quest to learn Spanish can be pretty exciting. However exciting it may be it will also carry its own number of frustrations. This is why you have to take advantage of several common sense tactics in order to conquer this new language both quickly and effectively. Before you start out make sure to keep an open mind of learning not only the language but being exposed to the culture as well.

The very first step many beginners take on is buying a dual language dictionary. In this case it would be English-Spanish. This will help build your vocabulary. You can easily look up how to say a word just as easily as you would to try to find the meaning in an ordinary dictionary. This is an essential guide when you take the journey of learning a brand new dialect.

Another great accessory to have that is easy to make and carry are flash cards. These are practical and very useful. Carry them around when you are traveling and have spare time on your hands. You can simply pull out the cards and practice memorizing whenever you find yourself with a few free minutes. This will help you build your vocabulary without the stress factor.

Immersing yourself in a new language means you’ll expose yourself to print media such as newspapers, books and even TV programming to help accustom yourself to seeing and hearing new words. This will help build your communication skills. You’ll feel much more confident using the words when you know how they are written and pronounced.

You can ask friends and family members who may speak the language to help you out. Practice your new vocabulary on them, and start stringing single words into sentences. Before you know it you’ll move from only sentences to being able to carry on a conversation. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of practice and patience when you’re trying to pick up a new language.

Whenever learning a new language, many people feel uncomfortable speaking what they’ve just learned. In order to overcome such a situation put yourself in a setting where the primary language is Spanish. This can be a restaurant, club or other social setting where most people are speaking the dialect you’re trying to pick up. This will help you become accustomed to the sounds of this new language.

Too often, people will turn to boring text when they’re trying to conquer a new language. However, if you’re trying to lower your frustration levels choose content that is interesting and fun to deal with. You can do this by turning to newspapers and books that you would normally pick up to read. Watch tv shows or news programs of interest to you. This will help you learn while keeping your stress levels in check by exposing yourself to content that you would otherwise choose to consume.

Whenever you’re on a journey to learn Spanish or any other language, it’s important not to concentrate on what is not getting done. Instead, focus on the progress you are making through your language course. For instance, you probably know more words now than you did when you first started learning. Take the process in incremental steps and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to speaking a brand new language.

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