Learn Spanish To Open The World

by erin on March 15, 2011

Opening up a large part of the world to you can be as simple deciding to learn Spanish. It is a language that is spoken by many people throughout the planet, . It is also a very popular language for entertainment of a variety of forms. Learning it literally puts the world closer to you.

The way of the world today demonstrate the value in knowing another language. People are traveling and communicating more, whether in person or over the internet. Because of this, there are more language dilemmas, from the small to the large. And if you’re not a businessman or the like who pays for interpreters and translators, you alone are faced with the language challenge.

In terms of practicality, Spanish is probably one of the best languages to learn. The United Nations has chosen it as one of the five world languages, alongside Russian, Chinese, English and French. There are hundreds of millions of people who speak the tongue as their first and or primary language, especially in the Americas. And they are not always found in the countries where Spanish is the official language. Take the United States. This country is home to millions of speakers, yet the official language is English.

Even in Europe, there is the mother of the language: Spain. Without this country, no one would be speaking the language. The Spaniards brought the language over and imparted it everywhere they conquered. Today, the country has tens of millions of speakers.

The way the countries speak the tongue can vary widely. However, it is still Spanish and generally understood. Although, there are some times situations where clarification is necessary, even amongst native speakers. This most often happens in slang contexts and situations, although there are grammatical differences as well.

One example is the 2nd person plural. In Spain, they have a voice for this. However, in Latin America, they do not. Instead, they borrow the 3rd person plural and use it for the 2nd person plural. Spain retains its own form and may actually look down on the Latins for this.

Likewise, the Latin Americans have something the Spanish do not: 2 forms of the 2nd person singular. Both Spain and America share a 2nd person singular form. However, in the Americas, there is another form that exists that can not be found in Europe.

Poets and storytellers find this language to be perfect for their art. Many books and poems have been crafted from both the Americas and Europe using this language. It also flows very melodically and has spawned countless number of beautiful and powerful musical pieces and selections.

Languages are the various gateways to the world. Learn Spanish through a language course and you will have the key to a large entrance into the lives and cultures of millions of people and not just in one country. Spanish speakers today can be found throughout the world, regardless of the official language of the country. To choose to learn this language will provide a great benefit, especially to those who are looking to communicate with the planet.

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