Lexmark S 1255 – A Competitive Printer To Boost Your Productivity

by garrett on June 15, 2009

The Lexmark s 1255 has been discontinued recently. When it was first released, this model was very competitive in the market. There were over 20 models from a handful of brands that were in this same range upon initial offering. Released in 2000, the Lexmark Optra s 1255 was priced around $275. Lexmark S 1255 Printer Toner is the best toner for this particular printer.

Other models in this same class were priced at almost $600. The Lexmark name has always been one of quality. It’s the Lexmark way to provide sturdy work horse machines at a minimal price. This black and white laser printer was one of the top rated but lowest priced machines for large workgroups in 2000-2001.

The Lexmark Optra s 1255 black and white laser printer is capable of printing about 17 pages per minute of monochromatic perfection. The standard paper tray holds 350 sheets, far more functional than others in the same class holding only 250 sheets. That is just the standard tray! There are also two other optional trays. One holds 250 sheets and another holds 100 sheets.

The maximum media size that the Lexmark Optra s 1255 accommodates is 8. 5 x 14 inches. This printer easily prints paper sizes A4 (8. 25 in x 11. 7 in), A5 (5. 83 in x 8. 25 in), B5 (6. 93 in x 9. 83 in), Legal (8. 5 in x 14 in), Executive (7. 25 in x 10. 5 in) and Letter A Size (8. 5 in x 11 in). It also accommodates for printing envelopes, labels and transparencies.

The Lexmark Optra s 1255 prints crisp clear copies, every time. For use with PCs only, MAC users were out in the cold. This is not uncommon with printers in this category. The Lexmark Optra s 1255 is perfect for small business and office users as well. The s 1255 runs on IBM OS/2, Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 3. X/95/98 and earlier operating systems.

Relatively energy efficient for it’s time, the Lexmark Optra s 1255 ran 315 watts of power consumption when operating and 16 watts when in stand by/sleep mode. Today’s Lexmark models run lower, being forced to find new ways to conserve. The government and the public in general, trying to find ways to be friendly to Mother Earth have required power usage to lower on printers. Remarkably, the Optra s 1255 was very advanced in power management for it’s time.

With speedy time on to first page printing, the s 1255 was far ahead of the pack. Providing first page on demand in less than 15 seconds, the s 1255 was approximately 9-15 seconds faster than others in this class. When you need a quick, easy to use workgroup printer, the Lexmark s 1255 is the solution. Giving you clear, run free prints of 1200 x 1200 dpi quality, the first page prints as flawlessly as the last.

Though the Lexmark s 1255 was discontinued, you’ll still find them churning out print jobs in offices all across the country. Lexmark s 1255 Printer toner provides a 7500 sheet duty count, far outshining its competitors. You can still find these magnificent printers for sale online with overstock retailers. The new generation of Lexmark printers forced the s 1255 out of production but it’s still a winner today.

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