Lexmark s1855 – Go With This Great Machine

by adam on June 9, 2009

Typically, if you have a computer, you will need a printer to go with it. A laser printer is a common option for the everyday user, and the Lexmark s 1855 using Lexmark s 1855 toner is one laser printer you should consider buying. Though it has been discontinued by the company, you can still find it from some retailers online and save money over buying a brand-new printer.
One point to note is that the printer only prints in black and white. For some this is a turn off, but you should carefully consider how much you use color printing. Most documents only need to be printed in black and white and if you need color copies, you could use a professional service or perhaps just go to your local library to print the few you’d need.

As with any printer, you will need to service your Lexmark s 1855 with ink and toner, printing paper and other accessories. Look at the printer’s page on the company’s website to buy many of these. Again, buying from independent sellers is an option in this case. Often, you can get products in small amounts or in bulk, so decide which is best for you.

In purchasing both the printer and the accessories, make sure whatever sellers you buy from are reputable and make note of shipping options. Compare prices and keep track of which final costs include the price of shipping and which don’t. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is, so find the best deal by first checking the average price from all sellers.

It is also important, in regard to shipping, to look at how the printer will be sent to you. The costs have already been mentioned, but know that because of this product’s size, they will add considerably to the final cost. As such, you want to make sure the method used will get your purchase to you safely, or at least provide a refund option if something happens during delivery.

Whether or not you buy accessories for your printer from the company’s webpage, you will want to look at it, so see the Lexmark s 1855s’s stats and ensure that it is the printer for you. You can also find tips for setting up your printer from this page, as well as links to find troubleshooting help for any problems that might come up during its use.

The Lexmark s 1855 has a print resolution of 1200×1200 dpi and a letter page print speed of 18 pages per minute. It includes standard output and input trays and an optional envelope feeder. One port is standard on this model, although other ports, both local and network, are also available as optional items themselves, including ports for infrared and ethernet.

This printer, with necessary accessories like the Lexmark toner, can be a good option for document printing at your home or business. It is a good, economical option if it meets your need. With a little work to find the best price, you can use this product for a variety of everyday purposes and save money over buying something needlessly expensive.

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