Lima, Peru – An Inexhaustible Source Of Culture

by erin on December 14, 2010

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The city of Lima in Peru is a very interesting sort of place thanks to its characteristic blend of heritage. Lima has a very long heritage, as it was once an important location for the mighty Inca Empire. The conquistadors of Spain then took over, and ever since then, the cultures have mixed, resulting in the culture seen in Lima today. The environment surrounding the city of Lima is naturally beautiful, in part because of the warm tropical climate, and although it is very close to the equator, the Pacific Ocean helps keep the heat down. A passport will be required if you are thinking of traveling to Lima, and passport renewal is available online.

Because Lima is such a historical place, many of its attractions focus on this history. Be sure to stop by the Historic Center of Lima, located in the downtown portion of Lima. This particular site was declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site for its special significance culturally, as it is an example of colonized Lima under Spanish rule. In the heart of the historical area is the Plaza de Armas, also referred to as Plaza Mayor. Located in this plaza are important historical buildings, like the Cathedral, and the Palacio de Gobierno as well. Additionally, there are plenty of places to eat and shop. This plaza is also the location where Francisco Pizarro established Lima on January 18, 1535.

In Spanish culture food is a very important subject, so you can definitely expect to encounter some delicious meals during your trip to Lima, especially in the way of sea food, thanks to Lima’s location on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Ceviche is the Peruvian national dish, and for good reason. It comes in all sorts of varieties, and the art of making has been perfected by the people of Lima. Lima has even been referred to as “The Gastronomy Capital of the Americas.” There will never be a shortage of new things to try, with all the Spanish, Peruvian, and international dishes available around the city.

Definitely be sure to experience some of Lima’s awesome weather by spending a little time outside. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do, such as bike riding around the city and in the natural areas outside the city. There are plenty of more extreme activities if you are looking for something a little more exciting, for example, mountain biking and hang-gliding are activities that will definitely get your heart racing. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful beaches for sunbathing and surfing as well.

Lima and the areas surrounding it are great vacation spots because there are a whole variety of activities to choose from. Apart from those mentioned, there are also monuments, old buildings, museums, and countless natural places to explore. Remember that you will need to fill out a passport application form, which you can do online. Also remember that you can get rush United States passport renewal if you need your passport within a short period of time.

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