Lisbon – Discovering Portugal’s Past And Present

by garrett on August 19, 2011

Sitting alongside the sparkling sea is the the city famous for its bleached-by-the-sun white limestone buildings as well as the capital of Portugal,Lisbon. The beautiful city is matched by beautiful subtropical weather, and it’s not difficult to understand just why people love visiting Lisbon. In fact, it’s consistently at the top of most visited cities in Europe. Consider vacationing in Lisbon if you are looking for a city experience with beautiful seaside charm. Just don’t forget your passport, and if you are running low on passport pages, be sure to get more before your trip.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

While you’re in Lisbon, be sure to check out the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as you can be sure these spots hold something interesting to uncover. One of these sites is the Tower of Belem. This ocean-side fortress was a crucial defensive tool during Portugal’s Age of Discovery. The other famous UNESCO World Heritage Site is Jeronimos Monastery. Construction for this monumental church began in the early 1501’s, and it soon became one of the most important buildings in the country. In fact the famous Portuguese explorer, Vasco de Gama, the man called the “Admiral of the Indian Seas,” is buried here.

The Oceanarium

The Oceanarium is not only a truly interesting spot to visit, but it’s also a great way to stay out of the sun for a little. The aquarium itself is quite large – one of the largest in the world in fact – and it houses all sorts of neat animals, like manta rays, sharks, beavers, and pelicans. It’s easy to spend a few hours just enjoying the cool air and the beautiful underwater landscapes. If you are looking for a peaceful spot to relax outside, head to the Jardim Botanico. Created centuries ago by the current King of Portugal, it contains many strange and beautiful plants. The King once said he wanted one of every plant in the world, and while he never reached that, many of the interesting plants still remain.

Gulbenkian Museum

The Gulbenkian Museum is the top spot for addressing any of your interests in history and art. Full of masterpieces by the art masters themselves,including Monet, Rembrandt, Rubens, and more, it’s as good an art museum as it is a history museum. Ancient Persian and Egyptian artifacts and art can be found inside also. Be sure to swing by Cascais, a gorgeous seafront fishing village which was once the home of royalty. While you’re there,be sure to see Cidadela Fort.

Lisbon’s unique blending of engaging culture, fascinating history, and beautiful ocean-side landscapes have made it a consistently popular vacation spot. Simply exploring Lisbon on foot or on bike will reveal a personality that matches its outside beauty. Remember you will need a passport if you have plans to travel to Lisbon or any place else. Expedited passport renewals can be done online if your passport is old. Also be sure to have plenty of blank passport pages. If not, you can get more of those online too.

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