Should You Learn Chinese?

by erin on December 28, 2010

China has become a powerful manufacturing nation. Many of the products exported around the world are assembled in China. More and more businesses are using China to manufacture products. Those students who learn Chinese will have many opportunities in business available to them. There are also opportunities in the diplomatic service and government for Mandarin to English translation.

Chinese is not just a single language. Actually, Chinese is a group of languages that consists of several versions and many dialects. The most widely spoken is Mandarin. Mandarin is spoken by approximately eight hundred million people. Cantonese is another version of the Chinese language. Standard Mandarin is the official language of the People’s Republic of China.

Because China is such an important country in terms of business and international trade, it can be very helpful for the business person to speak Chinese. Many large corporations are seeking employees who can speak Chinese. Knowing the Chinese language would make you a valuable employee.

Learning any foreign language is a big commitment. Chinese can be a difficult language to learn. With the rise of China as a large industrial and trading nation there are more schools teaching Chinese.

China is a huge country. Many of the Chinese people live in poverty. China is not a democracy. It is governed by their communist party. Over the past decade China has made progress by building factories. Companies throughout the world have their products manufactured in China because of the low labor costs. For this reason, there is a need for business people who can speak Chinese. Being able to speak Chinese is a great advantage when seeking employment. Despite the fact that China is a major industrial base with a growing middle class, most of the country lives in poverty. The standard of living in the rural regions are primitive when compared to the Western world. Many of the poor from the rural areas migrate to the factory cities for jobs. China is a nation in a state of transformation.

In the past only major universities offered classes in the Chinese language. But now, many colleges and universities offer classes in Chinese because of the importance of China in world trade and business. There is a large increase in the number of language institutes and academies that now offer courses in Chinese.

More people are now traveling to China. There was a time that travel to China was restricted. The government now has a more liberal policy regarding tourists. Of course, much of the travel is done by business people with business interests to take care of in the country. Travelers must be very careful when traveling in this country. The laws and culture are very different than in the Western nations.

Many employment and business opportunities arise when you learn Chinese. There is a shortage of talented business people who are fluent in the language. There is a great demand for people who can communicate effectively in this language. For the student considering their future profession, completing language courses will open great opportunities for interesting jobs in international trade.

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