What To Do In The City Of Melbourne

by erin on January 4, 2011

Grampians National Park

Australia is a place that people dream of traveling to, and it is home to several absolutely beautiful cities. One of these cities is Melbourne. Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city, and is famous for its hospitality and its cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is also well known for its major contributions to the Australian art scene and its sport scene, as well as for its gorgeous Victorian buildings that can be found all around the city. If you are thinking of taking a trip to Melbourne, remember that you will need a passport. Start by filling out a United States passport application forms online.

In recent years, passport shopping has shifted over to the internet, where it is much more convenient and less stressful. When shopping for passports online, it’s important to choose a site that is secure, since you will be dealing with your most sensitive personal information. Legitimate sites make things like online passport renewal easy, and because they specialize in passport expediting, your passport will arrive on your doorstep by the time you need it.

Start your adventure in Melbourne at the City Centre. This is where you can experience a little of the big city feel during your stay in Melbourne. Here there are tons of department stories, specialty cafes, markets, and museums. One of the top recommended places to visit in the City Centre is the Docklands, where you can shop, eat, and enjoy the waterfront atmosphere.

Southgate has a really fun arts and crafts fair every week on Sundays, as well as a free tour of the Parliament House of Victoria on weekdays. A good place to explore the cultural diversity of Melbourne is the Immigration Museum. If you want a good place to shop, go to the Queen Victoria Market, where you can find fresh fruit, cake, crafts, and other things.

Footy is a huge passion for the people in Melbourne, and your trip cannot possibly be complete without seeing at least one game. Footy is essentially Australian Rules football, which holds considerable differences from its more traditional soccer counterpart. If you want to see a game in person, head to the stadiums at MCG or the Telstra Dome at the Docklands.

Australian wildlife is incredibly unique, so definitely try to get out and see a little bit for yourself. The Melbourne Zoo is a great place to see a variety of Australian animals in very natural habitats. Dandenong Ranges is located a little bit outside the city, and it contains a National Park as well as a vintage steam train and railway. Grampians National Park is located outside the city as well. This National Park is famous for its animals, as well as the beautiful landscapes full of wildflowers.

Melbourne is a city where it’s impossible to run out of new things to do and see. Whatever you’re interested in, whether it’s cultural, historical, natural, or anything else, there is plenty in Melbourne for you to investigate. You can get your adventure started right now by going online and filling out a passport application. Don’t forget about the other things these sites can do too, such as help you get online United States passport renewal.

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