Modernizing Your Office With The Cost Saving IBM InfoPrint 1372 Printer

by garrett on November 5, 2009

ibm_1372_2The economy is difficult today and the needs of the modern office are extensive, so whether your office is small or large, it is important to increase your output while keeping your costs down. To manage all this the IBM InfoPrint 1372 printer is a great benefit for your office. This is a printer that is a combination of necessary functions that every office needs along with superior output provided by IBM InfoPrint 1372 toner.

The speed of the InfoPrint 1372 model is staggering. The processor of the printer operates at an amazing 500 MHz as well as being reliable, with a high duty cycle and affordable supplies. The laser printer only prints in monochrome, but does it in an outstanding way with a very high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. The speed is equal to none at forty-five pages printed per second. This not only saves money but saves a great deal of time in the work environment because the users have a very small wait time for print jobs of any size.

The IBM InfoPrint 1372 is compatible with both PC and Mac, plus the connectivity is either USB or a parallel port. Along with the great speed and the extremely high resolution, the input capacity is 350 sheets. One tray holds 100 sheets and other holds 250 sheets. There is a one-year warranty that covers the labor and the parts. The power cord is included along with the software for the drivers needed to operate the printer.

This printer may just be the best fit for your business if you have a large or even a medium sized office. The capabilities of the different functions allow for a variety of different kinds of jobs that can be successfully performed, including images from the Internet. The various functions of the printer include network scanning, copying, and faxing.

The memory capacity of the duplex unit holds 64 MB and can go up to as much as 320 MB. Six hundred sheets is the media capacity. The ability of this printer is designed to meet the needs of any group size, large, medium or small. There is support for 100,000 and more pages in the duty cycles monthly while the monthly usage is 225,000 pages.

While meeting the intense demands of today’s business office and maintaining high effectiveness, the InfoPrint 1372 is a dependable solution. With the amazing features and functions of the machine the cost is still very affordable. The design features of the InfoPrint 1372 model encompasses flexible connectivity with extensive input and output options plus the high speed of printing, this model becomes a very advantageous addition to any office.

This is a multi-functional machine that not only saves space in the office because it performs many functions in just one machine; it also effectively saves time in the work environment. There is Consolidating IT hardware available. You will have the option of upgrading the InfoPrint 1372 with any one of the IBM M22, M26 or M30 MFP options.

Using the Consolidating IT hardware means that the network and fax capabilities, the printer and the copier will all be full functioning and on one device there will be a combination of e-mail and FTP. All this assists you with control of your investment and reduces the device management time as well. The IBM world-class support and service means that the experts who have extensive knowledge of all the IBM products are then available to you next day from 9 to 5 or same day anytime. Quite possibly the IBM InfoPrint 1372 Printer will be a valuable addition to your office.

It’s virtually certain that the IBM InfoPrint 1372 toner will produce the exact results you need, professionally perfect every time.  This is no surprise to anyone who has ever used IBM toner in the past.  Also of no surprise is the great value you’ll receive when you order from Qtoner toner cartridges online for replacement toner.  IBM always offers their best in every product.

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