Mumbai, India – A Fantastic City With Strong Cultural Ties

by garrett on August 9, 2011

With around 21 million people living in it, Mumbai (the city once known as Bombay) is one of the world’s monster cities. It has a unique history, as it was once a spot occupied by the British, and it has since evolved into the biggest city in the whole country. Vacations to this bright and colorful city require a passport, however. If you just recently got married or divorced, U.S. passport name changes can be quickly done online.

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Gateway of India

While in Mumbai, you can’t miss one of its most historically important monuments, the Gateway of India. It was originally constructed in 1911 in order to greet King George V to India. This is a good place to visit while on your way to other sites, but taking a river cruise is a good way to see the Gateway, along with other important spots as well.

Film City

One very important cultural thing you cannot miss out on while in India is Bollywood movies. There are lots of screening halls located all around the city. If you want to see a movie being shot first hand, visit Film City, located in Goregaon. Cultural and religious festivals are another huge part of Mumbai culture, so while you’re planning your visit, be sure to see if any are taking place during your trip. The Mumbai Festival, which encompasses all aspects of the culture, takes place in January, as does Banganga Festival, a music festival.

Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji Jain Temple

One of the things Mumbai is most famous for is its temples. There certainly is no shortage, and Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji Jain Temple is one of the most popular, thanks to its beautiful architecture and intricate decorations. Mahalkshmi Temple and Banganga Temple are some other popular temples.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is one spot you should definitely witness firsthand. This is the second largest railway station in the world, and it is not only one of the most beautiful stations in India, but one of its most beautiful landmarks. Because of this, it has earned the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not only is it a great place to see, but also a great place for people-watching. If you are looking to experience a famous Indian sunset, head towards Marine Drive. It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s a great way to unwind after a long day of adventures.

Unique Cultural Heritage

It’s blend of unique cultural heritage amidst all the modern big-city elements makes Mumbai a truly unforgettable city. Regardless of whether you’re traveling to Mumbai for occupational or recreational reasons, you are bound to leave with some great experiences under your belt. Don’t forget to get your passport or your expedited lost American passports. Also, for those who’ve recently been through a divorce or who’ve just gotten married, United States passport name changes are need also.

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