The Best Art To See And Beer To Drink In The City Of Munich

by erin on December 29, 2010

Out of Europe, and even the entire world, Germany features some of the most spectacular and fascinating cities ever. Munich is a city in Germany considered to be the cultural capital. If the name of this city sounds really familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard of its world-famous Oktoberfest. The buildings of Munich are interesting things to see in themselves. Many of them were destroyed in the Second World War, but many of them were rebuilt, and the city looks much like it did a hundred years ago. If you are going to travel to Munich, you will need a passport, so fill out a passport application form online.

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The motto of Munich is “Munchen mag Dich,” which translates into “Munich Likes You.” You can be sure that with a motto like this, you will never find yourself bored in Munich. Depending on what sorts of things you are fascinated with, there are plenty of landmarks, sights, and attractions to keep you interested.

Since Munich is the cultural capital of Germany, art is a popular subject and well worth checking out. The three Pinakothek Museums are an interesting and affordable place to get an art fix. Pinakothek der Moderne features lots of Picasso and Dali, Neue Pinakothek has a large collection of art from the 19th century, and Neue Pinakothek has German art from all eras. Deutsches Museum is a science museum with lots of strange technology and wacky inventions on display, and the City Museum focuses more on history, with photographs of war-era Munich on display, as well as traditional puppets and musical instruments.

Of course Oktoberfest is a popular thing to do in Germany. Oktoberfest lasts a span of 16 days, with each and every day dedicated to celebrating the national treasure of Germany: beer. The festival covers an area of 100 square acres, and these acres are full of tents selling all different types of beer. If you claim to be a beer connoisseur, you absolutely cannot skip this festival.

On the subject of German cuisine, you definitely want to make time to sample some characteristic German food, such as Weibwurste, the traditional white sausage, Apfelstrudel or apple strudel, and fresh baked pretzels. Of course, no meal is complete without a stein of authentic German-brewed beer.

Marienplatz is a large open city square located in the center of the city. It’s famous for the huge column, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This square is a good place to start, as it really introduces you to the German atmosphere.

These suggestions are only a very few of the things that Munich has to offer, so be sure to get out there and find some for yourself. There are cultural, historical, gastronomical, nightlife related, and natural aspects of the city that all add up to create something great. Have a rough itinerary, but save plenty of room for surprises. Don’t forget to fill out passport application forms online so that you can head to Munich. Remember that you can get a emergency passport renewal online as well.

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