Mysterious Haunted Places And Where To Find Them

by erin on June 19, 2011

People have always been attracted by the mystery and fear that is associated with haunted places. You can see such things all over our popular culture, in books, video games, movies, and more. However, there’s nothing like searching for real ghosts. Our planet is full of places where paranormal things happen. However, traveling to other countries means you will need a passport. With fast passport delivery, you can be on your way in no time.

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Tower Of London

Probably one of the most well-known haunted places in the world, the Tower of London has a seemingly endless number of ghost stories surrounding it. Even just looking at the building is ominous, with its huge gray stone walls. A history of violent death and gruesome torture is attributed to the Tower of London. Famous people like Jane Grey, Anne Boleyn, and more met their end here, as well as two small boy princes who were kept here under the guise of protection, and then killed and stashed in the castle.

Leap Castle

Ireland’s Leap Castle has a violent history as well. Leap Castle was erected in the late 15th century. A family named the O’Carrolls owned it. Following the death of their father and head of the castle, the two sons started a very violent dispute over who should own it next. While one brother, who was a priest, was doing a Mass service for the family, the other brother broke into the church and stabbed his brother. Bleeding over the altar, the brother died in front of his whole family. The area came to be known as the Bloody Chapel, and it is said his ghost still haunts it. Another ghost is said to roam the grounds, but this one is called an elemental. It is characterized by it’s smell – sulfur and decomposing flesh – and its appearance – small, grey, and rotting with black emptiness for eyes. It’s known as “It.”

Gibraltar Point

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse in Ontario is another haunted spot with a story. The first caretaker of the lighthouse, a man named J.P. Radan Muller, made his own bootleg beer. When some soldiers from the local fort came asking for it, Muller refused and was murdered. The soldiers cut him into pieces. Afterwards, they buried the pieces around the property. The ghost of Muller is said to walk the grounds, seeking the pieces of his body.


Bhangarh in India is an entire haunted town. There are a couple scary legends surrounding Bhangarh, including one where the entire city was cursed by a Guru named Balu Nath. He swore that if the shadows of the palace ever touched his home, he would destroy the city. Unfortunately, a leader broke the rule and the city was ruined. Another speaks of Bhangarh Ratnavati, a beautiful princess and the magician that tried to put a spell on her. The spell ended up killing the magician, who cursed the entire town to death with no rebirth.

Haunted Places

If you are thinking of taking a vacation anytime soon, look and see if there are some haunted places nearby where you can maybe go explore. If you are going outside the US, don’t forget your passport, and don’t forget about fast passport service online.Emergency passport renewal and more can help make the process quicker and much easier.

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