You’ll See That New Zealand Is As Distinctive As It Gets

by erin on May 28, 2010

New Zealand isn’t your ordinary vacation. Extremely unique in every way and unlike any other place on Earth, New Zealand offers a one of a kind vacation experience for you and your family. One of the biggest perks of traveling to New Zealand now is how inexpensive it has gotten. With the United States Dollar at a higher value than currency from New Zealand, your travel fund can go much farther. After getting your U.S. passport, packing your bags, and getting a seat on one of New Zealand’s exclusive airlines, you are ready to enjoy all that New Zealand has to offer, whether you’re looking for a ski trip or a suntan session.

New Zealand has a North and South Island, each with it’s own very unique landscapes. Depending on what sort of vacation you are looking for, each holds its own individual perks. The ecological scene of New Zealand is one that you won’t find any other place on the planet. With the huge variety of attractions that New Zealand offers, picking the few that you want to do will be the hard part. With the ability to make your vacation completely personal, you will never have to worry about getting stuck with the generic tourist sites. Getting a passport and taking your family there will show you how much opportunity there is.

Australia, New Zealand’s closest neighbor, is a distance of 1250 miles away, allowing for a completely isolated and self-sufficient ecosystem in New Zealand. This isolation has fostered the evolution of some of strangest looking plants and animals on Earth, many of which are only found on or around New Zealand. The little flightless kiwi, the living-fossil look of the tuatara, and the leaping Hector’s dolphins all provide a glimpse into the rich ecological background of New Zealand. Although they are now extinct, two of the most impressive bird species to ever exist, the 9-foot-tall moa and the world’s largest eagle, the Haast’s eagle, show just how unique the life is on New Zealand. With many birds still around on the island to see, you and your family will get a view of some of the strangest, silliest, and friendliest birds in the world.

There is more to New Zealand than the rich flora and one of a kind fauna. Because New Zealand is on one of the most geologically active sites on the planet, it is home to some of the most awe-inspiring geological formations and activity anywhere. There are geothermal pools, active volcanoes and geysers, underwater volcanoes you can actually walk through, and gigantic glaciers available to see in New Zealand, giving you and your family a very rare glimpse into Earth’s primordial past.

If you and your family are looking for the perfect place to suit everyone’s individual wants, New Zealand is the perfect negotiator. Whether it’s snorkeling in some of the most beautiful coral reefs one day, to hiking a rugged mountain the next, to enjoying the nightlife in New Zealand’s busy cities, there really is something for everyone. You see, getting your passport has never been more worth it. Visit New Zealand and you will see just how diverse one island, and your experience on it, can get. For more information about applying for or renewing your passport before your trip, visit

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