The Province Of Newfoundland – A Home To Regal Whales And Seafaring Tradition

by erin on July 20, 2010

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One of the neatest things to do in Newfoundland is to see the whales. If you haven’t ever seen a whale up close, prepare to be utterly and completely dumbfounded. They are larger than life, and simply seeing them leap out of the water and fall with a splash landing gives you a whole new perspective on nature. Tons of different whales make their homes in the waters around Newfoundland, and with a knowledgeable guide, you are likely to encounter some of them.

Just walking around or hiking the unbeaten paths of Newfoundland is incredible. The interesting rock formations and landscapes are the product of millions of years of tectonic plate movement, and whether it’s getting lost in the wilder parts of Newfoundland or its quaint seaside villages, you are bound to walk away with some amazing experiences under your belt. Walking or biking along the coast is a great way to experience the fresh, salty air and maybe even see some whales or glaciers while you’re at it. Taking a hike or trekking the unexplored parts of Newfoundland is another great way to connect with nature.

Many would attest that the many lighthouses of Newfoundland are living works of art. Hundreds of these beacons dot the coastal landscapes of Newfoundland, and have been since 1831 when the first permanent lighthouse was built. Some of these lighthouses have been turned into museums, restaurants, and even bed and breakfasts, so exploring them becomes even more interesting. There is very little that can compare to the sight of a lighthouse, high on a cliff, looking down on the crashing waves of a deep blue sea, and in Newfoundland, you are bound to see some of these spectacles for yourself.

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