Non-Profits Can Use the Lexmark Optra C522 Printer to Create High Quality Promotional Materials

by erin on March 10, 2010

It seems like non-profit groups and volunteer organizations never have enough capital to do all the things they would like to do or help all the people that need assistance. This is a familiar problem for those working in the non-profit or social services industries. Another difficulty is finding the money to publicize all the promotional events and good works these groups do.  That is where the Lexmark Optra C522 Printer and Lexmark Optra C522 toner can come in very handy.

It is very costly to pay someone to design flyers, posters, business cards, post cards, and other promotional materials to publicize an event. This is especially true when that event lasts only one or two days. In addition to design costs, printing these important materials at a professional print house can drain already-precious resources even further. At the end of the event, these leftover materials are often thrown away, literally flushing dollars down the toilet.

To cut down on expenses, many of these organizations are forced to design their own marketing materials. This uses up both time and labor and results in materials that are usually less than professional. Worse, companies sometimes have to print these materials on plain paper with low-quality printers. While this saves on design and printing costs, it also makes it much more difficult to attract people and funds to the organization’s cause.

An excellent way to avoid the large cost of paying a designer to create these posters and flyers is to recruit a student volunteer.  Sometimes these students can earn school credits by working for a worthy cause. Therefore, this situation benefits both the organization and the student. Future graphic designers may also be grateful to get real-world experience in their chosen field.

By purchasing a high quality printer such as the Lexmark Optra, an organization can maximize its efficiency. By using a student volunteer, the group can create quality promotional materials. Printing these materials on a high-quality printer will lend them a professional appearance that reflects the vibrancy of the volunteers and non-profit employees who work for the cause.  The Lexmark Optra C522 toner produces a print quality that rivals the professional print shops.

Using the right toner, ink, and paper is also extremely important when an organization decides to print its own materials. The more professional the printer and accessories, the more likely a promotional piece will have the correct color, hue, and saturation that the designer intended. With so many advertisements bombarding the public every day, individuals can usually recognize a poorly printed marketing campaign.

For example, when trying to get participants in a 5K Race for Breast Cancer, a well designed, full-color poster can attract not only more paying participants, but also increase sponsors and donations. A lot of market research has gone into discovering what most attracts the public to participate in such events. One key element is the quality of promotional pieces. Professional-quality promotional items become even more essential for non-profits and volunteer organizations that are often working with limited funds compared.

Those looking to purchase a Lexmark Optra C522 Printer should search online for the best prices. It is also a good idea to comparison shop the cost of other supplies such as paper, card stock, and Lexmark Optra C522 toner. In addition to Lexmark toner, the printer will accept other brands of compatible black and color toner cartridges.  These important items should not be overlooked when trying to promote a truly worthy cause.

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