Now Is The Time To Invest In A Passport

by erin on May 4, 2010

Passport fees will be rising in the very near future, and if you plan on traveling any time, now is your best opportunity to get a passport for you and your family. Don’t stall on pre-vacation stress by worrying about the status or location of your passport. Invest in one now and skip the trouble before a vacation becomes too expensive.

The prices of passports are increasing by a pretty hefty $35, bringing it to a total price of $110. By breaking the $100 mark, purchasing passports can add additional unwanted weight onto your vacation fund. $20 of this total apparently goes to increased security and technology for your passport, allowing you to breathe easy between vacations. Don’t let your vacation slip away. Even with a large family, a relaxing vacation is still possible. The Passport Card, increased to $30, allows you to travel to Bermuda, the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico, makes a vacation nearby and affordable. Everyone deserves a little get away, so secure your passport now and get ready to go.

With the ever increasing dangers of fraud and identity theft, a secure location for your passport is indespensible. Don’t let fears of a lost or stolen passport haunt you. By renewing today, old passports become void and unuseable by possible identity thieves. A lost passport is the proverbial pot of gold for a criminal, so do not let something as great as a passport get into the wrong hands, where it can be used against you and your family. A secure passport allows for peace of mind while on vacation, giving you the freedom to sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip.

Vacation planning can be totally overwhelming. Do not let stress keep you from going on an awesome trip. By knowing the location and status of your passport, you get that much nearer towards your vacation. Whether you want to see the Great Wall of China or sit in the Mediterranean sun, a passport is an essential tool that will get you there. Vacations are awesome learning experiences for children and adults alike. A first-person experience of some of the world’s greatest monuments and cultures will create unforgettable memories and breathtaking experiences for your family. Even if you don’t want to travel until you retire, obtaining a passport now can make it that much easier.

History, culture, and art are inate when you travel. Old family friends and distant relations become that much closer. Show your children what they have been missing at summer camp. The world is so big and the possibilities are endless. Eat great food, see amazing sights, meet new, different people, and experience all that our global community has to offer.

A passport in your hand can help you get places and do great things. Why spend more money in the future to get a passport when you can take your family wherever you want for less money now? Do not let your vacation become a wishful thought. Make your dream vacation a reality. With prices going up, it’s important to renew your passport now.

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