Now Is The Time To Learn Spanish

by erin on March 16, 2011

Years ago students struggled to learn Spanish from grim textbooks and gray language labs. Keeping up with the rest of the class was difficult as well as boring. It was not always rewarding.

The advent of the computer has revolutionized language learning. It has made language study more efficient and more fun. There is still value in taking a live class with other students and a living teacher but it isn’t necessary.

With a computer program and online resources students can make up for missed class work or forge ahead on their own. They can focus on whatever aspects of the language are particularly difficult for them, as opposed to what the teacher feels the majority of the class needs. They can get instant answers and instant feedback.

There are many excellent programs available in stores and online. There are websites that offer interactive instruction. Many readings now come with a feature that allows the reader to click on a word and see the definition. Hours of flipping through dictionaries are saved.

Some sites give tests and automatically make a list of the words you need to study. They will obligingly make them into flash cards you can print and carry. Language study need not be boring. Students can find a wealth of songs, movies, jokes, news and comic books in the language of their choice.

Not only has the computer made language learning easier, it has made more languages accessible. Languages that were once taught only in specialized schools or far distant countries are available via the internet. You don’t have to go to a remote village and talk to elderly native speakers if you want to help revive a dying language. Many nearly extinct languages are being brought back from the brink by online scholars.

Exciting is the prospect of learning Ainu or other endangered languages.  When people want a language that will be useful, they usually choose Spanish. Any business that provides goods or services will increase its potential customer base if it can offer its product in Spanish. Anyone who is looking for a job looks better with “Se habla espanol” on the resume.

Thousands of tourists visit the US from Spain and countries that were once colonies of Spain. Anyone who works in a tourism-related business benefits from being able accommodate Spanish speaking customers. Speaking to people in their own language results in greater customer satisfaction resulting in return business, bigger tips and sometimes a lasting friendship.

People who travel find that knowing Spanish will pay off even in places where it isn’t a native language. The language of Spain is a second or third language of many people in nearly all parts of the world. It is an official language in many countries.

Travel is more fun and safer for people who learn Spanish through a language course. Where ever you go you have a good chance of finding someone who can communicate with you. Customers are eager to return to places where they are received in their own language. It’s probably one of the best investments you can make.

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