Okidata B1200 Printer – Keep Your Office Simple And Efficient

by garrett on August 13, 2009

Not everyone needs a printer with every available bell and whistle. Some are so complex you would think they could walk your dog for you! What you need is a printer. A black and white printer to produce the professional results you need to impress. The Okidata B4100 printer using Okidata B4100 toner cartridge will more than suit your needs.

The OKI B4100 Printer has allowed many a savvy person to cut overall office expenses either in their own personalized office or at work. You will simply enjoy the Okidata B4100 printer for what it does – print exceptionally well.

The printer operates off of a black only laser toner. It is designed to allow you excellent print quality with exceptionally lower costs. The print quality that comes out of the printer cannot be matched in this immediate field. You will notice that even when printing in a smaller font the pages are crisp and clear to the naked eye without any unnecessary smudges.

The average speed in which the Okidata B4100 prints is about 18 pages within a minute’s time. You may or may not notice that the first page takes a few extra seconds to print, normally about 6 seconds, but after the first page is released the speed is absolutely remarkable.

The costs to keep the computer operational are extremely low. The printer uses a specialized toner in place of ink. The toner alone will cut down your expenses in replacement costs. Toner, unlike ink, is made out of sand granules so it will not dry up if it is not utilized right away.

You can purchase a toner cartridge for under $20 per cartridge. The estimated life span of the toner is about two years. One cartridge of toner can print up to 2,500 pages of material. This means you do not have to worry about the hassle of dealing with ink as these cartridges are built to last.

The price tag on the printer is a little higher then many people might want to pay, but if you are seeking a quality printer that will be able to run without problems and for a long lifespan, then the Okidata B4100 printer is just what you need. Reviews have stated that the overall printer ranks at an 8 out of 10 score.

One way to eliminate some of the costs associated with your business is making the smart move to get what you need, instead of useless features you will never use.

Coupled with Okidata B4100 toner the printer exhibits a phenomenal aptitude to create some of the most crisp and precise looking prints on the market. The exact details and print speed are top notch and prove why the OKI B4100 continues to be an superior choice for any small business that will more than inspire employees and owners alike.

Printing like a pro is speedy and casual with the easy to operate and efficient Okidata B4100 giving its user-friendly interface. This Okidata printer continues to have a minimal learning curve and can suit the demands of any user, regardless of their technical knowledge or affinity. Installing or repairing the exceptional Okidata B4100 toner is just as simple and convenient.

Rising above your every perception, the Okidata B4100 printer using Okidata B4100 toner is more than capable of handling the demands of any size workload with the utmost efficiency. Adding a high potency Okidata B Series printer toner to your machine will ensure the quality of your prints. Replacement toner from such reputable online sources as Qtoner guarantee that the detailed, crisp look of your jobs will continue to impress and inspire.

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