Okidata c5100 Supplies Is Cheaper When Remanufactured But is Still a Top Quality Product

by garrett on October 19, 2007

Small business owners are well aware of the expenses of copier and printer toner. But what you may not know is that compatible toner cartridges are cheap and very safe for use in printers and copiers. Not too long ago, a client informed us of what happened when he bought a large amount of compatible Okidata 5100 toner cartridges.

Jim McNamara, a project manager for a mid-sized regional restaurant supply company, found that at an online supplier, Okidata toner was being offered at about a third to a half the price of the genuine toner he had previously been buying. In fact, switching to the compatible Oki 5100n toner was so inexpensive that he was able to cut sixteen percent off his whole budget for the month!

He asked a few of his employees to use compatible cartridges in their 200 Oki 5100 machines. He was a little skeptical at first, but he very quickly found that these cartridges were the exactly the same quality as the much more expensive genuine inks he used to purchase. Jim checked the copies himself and was impressed with the quality: good toner yield, adequate coverage, and absolutely no smudges.

Compatible Okidata 5100 toner cartridges are made by distributors using the same or better inks or components as the original producers. The compatible Oki 5100 toner cartridges are stringently tested to assure the same excellence. So you can rest assured that when you buy the cartridge, you are buying a one hundred percent compatible, quality product at a fraction of the original cost.

Jim’s story doesn’t stop there. It turns out that 3 months after that, he was given an award as “Manager of the Month,” mostly because of the money-saving strategies he had implemented. Furthermore, Jim’s boss gave him the responsibility of purchasing all the toner for his whole company, which saved the business tens of thousands of dollars annually. All this transpired because of converting to the compatible Oki 5100 toner!

Jim’s letter can be inspiration to each of us who are searching for those little ways to cut expenses and help the profits of our businesses. Ask your office supplier if they carry compatible Okidata toners, and do the price comparison yourself, to see how making a small change can make a big difference.

Copier and printer toner costs can be outrageous for a small business, however, there are compatible toner cartridges. These are safe for use and cheap. A client found that he could buy Okidata toner online at a third of the cost of the original toner. He used these cartridges instead of the other Oki c5100 toner printers. He found that the copies were the same quality as the original toner. The remanufactured toner producers use the same products and the same business practices to offer a top quality product at a reduced cost. Any business looking to save in their expenses should look into using compatible toner cartridges.

– Ben Pate

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