The Complete Guide To Passport Procurement

by erin on June 21, 2010

While there are several places you can go to get all the information you need to acquire a passport, getting all the requirements straight can be stressful. We are here to simplify the instructions for you because getting a passport is not something you want to delay. It can be as much as three months before you receive your new passport so let’s get started and remember, there is nothing easier than using an online USA passport service.

1. Your new passport form is the place to start and these can be acquired at your local post office or downloaded from an online passport service.

2. After completion of a downloaded application, print it on white, matte finished paper 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

3. Documentation of your United States citizenship is required so be ready to provide a birth certificate, naturalization certificate, international birth record or certificate of citizenship. You must provide an original as copies are not accepted.

4. You must also prove your identity and this can be done with the use of a valid driver’s license, a previous, undamaged passport, naturalization certificate, certificate of citizenship or a government or military identification.

5. Now it’s time to say ‘cheese’. There are many locations including drug stores who provide photo developing services, post office facilities and professional photographic studios where you can obtain your passport photos. Dress in normal, daily attire and be sure not to wear anything on your head. If you wear glasses, be sure to wear them in your photo. The photo are to be printed with a white or off-white background and must include your entire head and face and be centered. It is important to have a natural facial expression with your eyes open and there can be no shadows that would distort the image.

6. Make sure you know your social security number, or have it in an easily-accessible place.

7. The normal cost for a passport is approximately $100 but the cost can increase depending on where you go to apply and if you require expedited delivery service so be sure you have enough cash on hand.

8. Now it’s time to submit your application at your local post office, courthouse or online. Take into consideration your travel dates when you decide if you need an expedited passport service.

Well, it might sound like a lot of red tape but getting a passport is easy, especially if you use an online pasport service. In review, fill out your US passport application forms, provide proof of citizenship and identity, get your passport photos, submit your application with payment and start planning your next trip. A passport is valid for a ten year period so this is a process that you won’t have to go through very often. Remember, a passport is you ticket to world travel and a lifetime of memories.

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