Passport Requirements – A Look At The Required Items

by garrett on August 24, 2011

The US passport requirements vary depending on the age of the person who is applying and so it is important to know what to bring the first time. A person must have the proper documentation or they will not be able to obtain their travel papers. The laws are extremely strict when it comes to international travel,following the steps below will help to get prepared for the process.

Birth Certificate

A US birth certificate is the most important piece of documentation required for this process. If the certificate is not available, previously issued,undamaged passports are also accepted. If the person is not born in the US, an original certificate of citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization issued from the department of Immigration can be used.

Letter Of Record

In the event that the above documentation is not accessible, a letter of no record can be obtained through the state of residence. Along with the letter as many additional documents will be required to prove citizenship. The documentation must include proof of birth or public information from the first five years of the child whether it is church records or other records.

DS-10 Form

Also, the documents must display the date and place of birth for the child in order to be accepted. The earlier, the better so a time line can be established for informational purposes. If the above documents are unavailable, a DS-10 form can be submitted by an older relative who has knowledge of the birth. Additionally, the form must be notarized prior to submitting the form.

If Born Outside US

If a person is born outside the US and claims title to one parent with US citizenship, the following information will be required. A document with the name and date of birth issued from the state of residence and which years were researched to find a certificate. When a US certificate is not available, a foreign birth certificate along with proof of citizenship from the parent, an affidavit showing where they lived in the US and abroad prior to the birth will be needed as well.

When both parents are US citizens, the foreign birth certificate along with a marriage certificate for the parents is required. Also, an affidavit stating where the parents lived in the US and abroad prior to the birth of the individual applying is required as well. Proof of US citizenship is also a requirement for each parent vouching for the individual.

Adopted Children

Children who are adopted and are below the age of 18 years will need to have one parent present, whether the birth parent or the adopted parent. Either one will be fine. The child must be a current US resident and the adult must also be a legal citizen and have legal and physical custody. Additionally, the adoption must be final and proof of this will be required as well when applying for a child.

The US passport application requirements are somewhat strict; however, it is for the good of the person who is applying. When traveling abroad, it is important to have the proper documentation so the person can return home safely. Taking the time to collect the proper paperwork will make the process go much smoother.

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