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by Bridget on February 29, 2012

When it comes to international travel, passports are definitely a necessity. Because passports act as international identification documents there is a process involved when obtaining one. However by being familiar with the process a US passport can be easily obtained. Once a passport is received it’s important to keep up with all the necessary updates that a passport requires. These include passport renewals, passport name changes, and similar updates. By staying on top of renewal dates and changes international travel will be less stressful.

Passport Application Process

When it comes to applying for a passport it’s important to be prepared. This means that you must research and obtain all the necessary documentation involved in getting a passport. This includes a certificate stating country of origin, other forms of ID such as a licence, and passport photos. Also, there is a government fee associated with getting a passport, so be sure to have that ready as well.

Expediting Services

Although it’s important to properly plan ahead when it comes to applying for a passport, this cannot always occur. There are situations that will arise and there will be an immediate need for international travel. When this occurs your best bet is to go through a passport agency that has expediting services. IN some instances you can even get a passport overnight.

Renewing Your Passport

Passports are only valid for a certain amount of time. Once this time has passed a passport must be renewed. This is a fairly easy process and can actually be done online through a passport agency. New pictures are normally required for a passport renewal, and it’s also a good time to update any information such as a passport name change. Children’s passports however are not subject to renewal. They are only valid for a five year period and a new passport must be obtained once it expires.

When A Passport Is Lost

Recently there was a report of a tour bus being high jacked and all the passengers’ passports were taken. Unfortunately there are instances like this in which passports are stolen. Whether a passport is lost or stolen the process is the same. The first step is to report the passport stolen to the proper authorities. Once this step has been taken care of a replacement passport can be issued. However, if your passport is located, it is deemed invalid, this is why it’s imperative to verify that it is lost or that it has been stolen.

When it comes to passports there are many services available. Along with passport renewals and passport expediting, you can also add pages to your passport and even change your name on your passport. These are great services to take advantage of in order to keep your passport up to date and valid. Remember that all members of your family require passports for international journeys, this includes infants and children. However, their passports are not subject to the same services, so be informed about passports for your family, and this will make planning international trips les stressful.

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