Peace Of Mind In The Sky

by erin on May 25, 2010

You are preparing to go to the Bahamas to be a part of your cousin’s wedding. You got the perfect dress, an adorable bathing suit, and you discovered your lost passports. But… you’ve never flown before. All you ever hear about is how small and uncomfortable planes are and how miserable security is. Just the thought of zipping through the air way to far above the surface makes you nauseous. I used to be one of you, so I’ve comprised a little list of the things that help me cope.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to relax. By getting in a steady frame of mind, you can reason with yourself. Flying is very, very safe. Driving your car is more dangerous! The only reason flying seems so terrifying is because of all the scary stories you hear about on the news. The truth is, plane crashes are extremely rare.

– You have a greater chance of dying from a bee sting as opposed to a plane crash.
– It would take 19,000 years to experience a crash if you spent everyday on a plane.
– A doctor and a pilot spend the same amount of time in training.
– Planes have a back-up system for everything, as well as three autopilots and two to three computers.
– For every hour a plane spends flying, it’s on the ground for 12 undergoing thorough maintenance.
– Airplanes fly only in designated flyways that are ten miles wide. No other airplane can fly through it.

All these facts are correct. Hopefully this can put into perspective how safe flying actually is. Now there are other things you can do to prepare for your flight. Decide whether you want to check your bags or carry them on with you. Generally, a weekend trip that requires only a small bag can be brought on with you, while a large bag gets checked. It is recommended by the TSA to get to the airport at least two hours before your scheduled  flight time in order to have enough time for getting your boarding pass, checking your bags, going through security, and navigating the airport.

Try to arrange for a friend to drop you off at the airport. This saves you the hassle of parking. Upon entering the terminal, look for the front desk of your airline. There should be tons of them in a row. This is the location where you will check in, receive your boarding pass, check your luggage.

Next, you go through security. Be sure to have your passport, your ID, and your boarding pass out. After you wait in line, you will be showed to an x-ray machine. Take your laptop out of its bag, take off your shoes, and place these along with your purse on the conveyor belt. After this, you will be lead through a metal detector. After you are cleared, you have successfully conquered airport security!

With some encouraging facts, a brief look at how to handle flying under your belt and US passport in hand, you are ready to go. Once again, there is no reason to be nervous, except maybe for the airplane food. The safety codes and regulations are very strict and even more strictly enforced, so you can feel safe traveling and maybe even have some fun. So replace your lost passport, pack your bathing suit and your sunscreen, and get ready for take-off.

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