Prescription Sleeping Pills Extremely Dangerous

by AdamS on July 16, 2012

As the American public becomes more and more aware and concerned of the growing problem of prescription pain killer addiction they seem to have turned a blind eye to another huge threat: Prescription sleeping pills and other benzodiazepines.  Benzodiazepine prescriptions including those for Xanax have risen by nearly twenty five percent in the last six years.  These drugs are dangerous and it is very possible to develop a Xanax addiction quickly.  The solution to getting off of these pills is to get into a Florida Xanax rehab program and undergo detox.  Check out for more information on rehab.

The Rise of Sleeping Pills

It shouldn’t be normal to require sleeping pills to go to sleep every night.  The body produces natural chemicals that stimulate sleepiness and when prescription medication is abused, the body stops producing these chemicals naturally and becomes dependent on the drugs.  Doctors normally prescribe these pills to people suffering from severe anxiety and stress that just cannot sleep at night.  The problem is that oftentimes, the doctors end up prescribing way too many of the pills to their patients and they become addicted.

The Dangers of Mixing Sleeping Pills with Other Drugs

The real danger of these drugs is that they may seem totally harmless to the person using them, when in fact they can be very deadly.  If taken in excess or mixed with other chemicals such as alcohol the effects of these pills can be lethal.  A lot of individuals do not take the effects of the sleeping pills seriously and decide that drinking alcohol with them is an okay idea.  This type of behavior usually ends in complete memory loss of the night and having total blackouts in which the person remembers nothing from what they did the night before.  Several celebrities have accidently died recently by mixing sleeping pills with other prescription drugs like oxycontin and alcohol.  Among the most noteworthy are Heath Ledger and Whitney Houston who both accidently overdosed on a deadly mixture of sleeping pills and other drugs.

The Risk of Dependence

Most sleeping pills contain some form of tranquilizer in them that are highly addictive.  The body will build up a dependence of the drug and the individual will start to feel very sick if they do not receive more of the drug.  With sleeping pills, the withdrawals can actually be pretty severe.  The symptoms of withdrawals from sleeping pills are increased anxiety and fear as well as insomnia and sometimes even hallucinations.  Since sleeping pills are pretty widely accepted in society, very few people feel like they have a problem with addiction and need treatment to get themselves off of these drugs.

Sleeping pills need to be treated more cautiously by the American public, especially as more and more reports of Xanax addiction are becoming common.  Sleeping pills are very dangerous drugs, especially when mixed with other drugs or alcohol which amplifies the effects of all of the substances.  For anyone who is dealing with problems associated with Xanax withdrawals, the best method for getting off of the drug without any complications is to do so at a Florida Xanax rehab center.  Check out for more info on Xanax.

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